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Technical support
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Euro Football Results 2024 upholds user first、The consistent purpose of service first,Win the trust and support of all users。Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. is based on a serious and responsible 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsattitude towards users,Work hard to do a good job of pre -sale work,Strive for customers to experience the technical leadership and superiority of Dongtu Technology's products; high -quality and comprehensive after -sales service,Not only does it provide simple and practical professional training,And solved the worries for users。To ensure excellent customer service,Dongtu Technology has established a comprehensive customer service system。
Technical support for pre -sales
& middot; Performance for products、Features and detailed parameters,Help customers conduct detailed investigations and investigations;
& middot; according to the different needs of different customers,Design the most suitable solution;
& Middot; Perform the company's detailed working principle for the company's products、Operation usage、Simple maintenance、Failure judgment and other series of professional training。
After -sales technical support
Professional technical engineers,Provide 7 & times; 24 -hour telephone support service,Timely responding to the problem of user on -site equipment。
1. Debug opening support
& middot; Design suggestions and guidance to provide on -site network planning schemes;
& middot; Provides allocation and debugging of Dongtu products;
& middot; Provide communication failure processing during the project implementation process;
& middot; Cooperate with the project acceptance.
2. Support after the equipment is officially running
& middot; Provides the design suggestions and guidance of network planning solution for on -site network transformation;
& middot; Provide communication failure processing during the operation;
& middot; Provide on -site network transformation involving the configuration and debugging of Dongtu products
3. Telephone service support
& middot; Provide 7*24 -hour telephone support services.
4. On -site service
& middot; If you need on -site service,User near the company's permanent institutions,Professional and technical personnel reached the scene within 4 hours; other users arrived within 24 hours on the spot。


Equipment repair


& middot; When the product you buy is faulty,Please contact Dongtu Technology's after -sales department as soon as possible,Tel: 010-88798888*8601,Confirm the fault。
& middot; After being recognized as product quality problems through Dongtu Technology after -sales personnel,According to the product SN number you provided,,Maintenance or repairs。
& middot; Dongtu Technology after -sales departments After receiving the faulty equipment,It will complete the maintenance and treatment of the equipment within 3 working days (if you encounter difficult problems and complicated problems,Maintenance time will be appropriately extended,We will inform us as soon as possible)。


Warranty policy

Warranty commitment:

1, warranty service commitment:Provide "One -year replacement, five -year warranty(Edge controller series products have been warranty for two years from the date of purchase), during the warranty period, equipment maintenance is free.

(1) "One -year replacement, five -year warranty"Refers to the first year of product purchase is a free guarantee period,Free maintenance period,Specifies after the warranty period for maintenance,Only charges the work fee,This commitment is different from Dongtu's service commitment to customer service commitments from the warranty period of business contracts。

(2) "Edge Controller Series Products from two years from the date of purchase "refers to the free maintenance period for product purchase,Repair due to product quality problems,can be maintained for free,Excellent maintenance during the warranty period,Only charges the work fee。

(3) The range of warranty is limited to product host、Interface Card、Signal output board card、Satellite receiving antenna、SFP module; packaging and various connection cables、Software Products、Technical information、Components with attenuation characteristics (constant temperature crystal and 铷 atomic clock)、Loss device (touch screen) and other attachments are not within the warranty range。

2、Software upgrade service:Dongtu Company with free version upgrade service for users,Free software upgrade service does not include the function upgrade service of the system software。

3. Maintenance/Repairing products The transportation costs generated by products:

(1)If the quality problem occurs within one week after the product is purchased,and no scratching appearance,After confirmed by the Customer Service Center of Dongtu Company,new products can be replaced directly;

(2) During the warranty period, Dongtu Company sent the product to the customer or dealer after replacement warranty;

(3)Due to product batch problems,Dongtu Company actively recalls replacement。

One of the three conditions of the above three conditions is carried out by Dongtu Company, In addition, the transportation costs incurred、Customs clearance expenses, etc. shall be borne by customers or dealers。

4, charging maintenance commitment:If the product is charging maintenance,For maintenance parts will enjoy the free warranty period of 12 months from the date of repair,Please keep your maintenance voucher。 

The following conditions are not the free guarantee warranty range:

& middot; failure to install or use product damage caused by the requirements of the instruction manual;

& middot; the product exceeds the replacement and warranty period;

& middot; product barcode or flowing number is modified、Delete;

& middot; The product is authorized by our company to repair or disassemble;

& middot; without our license,Customers change their inherent setting files or virus destruction without authorization and cause product failure;

& middot; The customer sent back the return on the way back to repair due to transportation、Damage caused by loading and unloading;

& Middot; The product is damaged by accidental factors or human behavior,If input is not suitable for voltage、High temperature、Water intake、Mechanical Destruction、Broken、Product serious oxidation or rust, etc.;

& Middot; Products due to irresistible natural forces such as earthquakes、Fire caused damage。

Contact information:

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