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Honor and Association

2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsFebruary 2022, Three functional security certification through TUV Nande Nande   

December 2021,Thanks for the Secretary -General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

November 2021,The 4th "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Contest "5G+Cloudy PLC in Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Equipment Manufacturing Industry" of the 4th "Blooming Cup" 5G Application of the Institute of Lixin

September 2021,Winning the first batch of "Time -sensitive Network (TSN) Industrial List Plan" test certification

April 2021,The first team leader of the "Industrial Internet Underground Creation Working Group"

April 2021, Won the 2021 China Automation Industry Annual Conference "Most Innovative Competitive Product of the Year" Award

​​October 16, 2020,Get the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology、The China Industrial AAP Innovation Application Competition in the Tianjin People's Government Best Industry Innovation Application Award


July 2020,Won the Forbes 2020 Global Industrial Smart Summit Zhan Lu Awards


November 27, 2019,Obtaining the fourth batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises (products)


December 3, 2019,Get the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology、The first prize of the first China Industrial Internet Contest guided by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province


September 11, 2019,In the field of industrial Internet products and solutions,Parent to get the CTEAS after -sales service system improvement degree certification seven -star excellent certificate



In the 2019 China Industrial News "Cornerstone Award" selection,The annual award of the evaluation "Industrial Internet Outstanding Contribution Enterprise


Zhongguancun Industry Internet Industry Alliance was established

January 17, 2017,Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industry Alliance holds a meeting in Beijing。Representatives of alliance member units、More than 100 other representatives of other enterprises attended the meeting。Zhongguancun Management Committee、Beijing Science and Technology Commission、Relevant leaders of the Beijing Economic and Information Commission、European Cup Football Predictions ngayonManufacturing Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering、China Xintong Academy、China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute、Relevant leaders of the Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Machinery Industrial Instrument Instrument Institute attended the conference。

Chairman of the Alliance、Euro Football Results 2024 Li Ping delivered a speech and gave a keynote speech,Detailed introductions to the alliance related work plan,Alliance is positioned as an promoter of China's industrial Internet industry and an important participant in the international industrial Internet standard,Alliance will use standards、Basic Platform Technology、The architecture of the system is to promote the standardization and interoperability of China's industrial Internet industry,Integrated alliance member enterprises at the field broadband bus、Industrial Internet Operation System、Industrial server、Technical advantages in the field of industrial software created a new generation of autonomy and controllable based on the industrial Internet architecture、Safe industrial control system。

Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industry Alliance is from Dongtu Technology、Heaven and Earth Interconnection、Heta -profit、Dawn、Alibaba、Industry Control Network、Capital Information、Tree root interconnection、Donghua Software、Times Group、Industry Control Network、Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Mechanical Industry Instrument Instrument、China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute、Beijing University of Technology、and other related units jointly initiated the establishment。2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsThe chairman of the Alliance is Euro Football Results 2024,Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industrial Alliance is guided by the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park,Alliance will rely on Zhongguancun's advanced production, research, research and research integration in the Internet and advanced manufacturing fields,Promoting the industrial chain construction and independent innovation capabilities of Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone in the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing fields。

Dongtu Technology officially joined the Industrial Internet Alliance

from AT & T, CISCO (Cisco), GE (General Electric), IBM, Intel (Intel) and other industry giants co-founded by industry giants-Industrial Internet Alliance,It aims to apply a variety of advanced technologies in the field of industrial automation,Create a higher price worthy of the industrial Internet application。Dongtu Technology officially joined the Industrial Internet Alliance in October。Always,Dongtu Technology is committed to the application of Internet technology in the field of industrial control,It is the responsibility to achieve industrial interconnection and industrial control information。and in the industry Ethernet、Precision Clock、Industrial control data security、Smart Collection、Maintaining continuous long -term research and investment direction in technology fields such as embedded distribution calculation and Internet -based control processes。

 Industrial Internet Alliance will be committed to developing a "general blueprint",Make each manufacturer's equipment can be shared and transmitted data。The standard of the general blueprint will not only Euro Football results 2024involve the Internet network protocol,It will also include the storage capacity of data in the IT system、The power size of interconnection and non -connected equipment、Data flow control and other indicators。

Dongtu Technology's products have been widely used in smart grids、Nuclear power、Wind Power、Petroleum Chemical、Rail Transit、National key projects and global projects in industries such as urban intelligent transportation and ships。It is the only communication company that participates in drafting and formulating the first industrial automation international standard EPA/IEC61158,and together with Zhejiang University, we drafted another industrial automation international standard IEC62439,At the same time, it is also a national standard "Measurement and Control Industry Ethernet Switch Technology Standard".,It is a research unit of a number of national 863 projects。Dongtu Technology's future R & D direction will be integrated in real time、Safety、 Relief and other characteristics to the Industrial Internet / Internet of Things,To better promote the integration of big data between the physical world and the digital world。

About the Industrial Internet Alliance (IIC):
The Industrial Internet Alliance is a member of an open organization,It aims to accelerate the development of interconnected machines and equipment、Adopt and wide use,Promoting intelligent analysis,and help the worker。 IIC from AT & T、CISCO (Cisco)、GE (General Electric)、IBM and Itel (Intel) was established in March 2014,Dedicated to promote and coordinate priority items,Make the Industrial Internet Technology possible。Please visit www.iiconsortium.org。