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Complaint feedback

1. Complaint content
Feedback、Report illegal behavior in various markets and cooperation,If the unfair market competition、Being unfairly、Corruption behavior (bribery、Enterprise supplier/dealer or office。

European football results today2. Complaint method

3, Conditions for Complaints
Promote real -name complaints。Encouraging the complaint to complain through real name,It is convenient for us to obtain more detailed and accurate information,in order to effectively follow up and investigate。 Under the right circumstances,We can know that the results of the reporter's investigation。
Complaint Facts Real、Clear。 The complainant provides detailed facts,Easy to deal with us quickly。Provide facts including the respondent information、Complaints related evidence, etc.。

4, confidential liability
Dongtu Company promises to report the reporting unit、Reporters and the content of the report will be strictly confidential。

5. Receiving and processing
Euro Football results 2024According to the company's report and processing process, someone is responsible for follow -up and processing,and give impartial handling results。