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Industrial Server

  • Time:2016-10-26
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Industrial server is the core product of Dongtu Industrial Internet Solution,It is the world's first innovative product that embodies the integration of the two transformations。
Industrial server adopts independent controllable on -site high -time operating 2024 European Cup Predictionssystem kernel and innovative field broadband industrial bus chip,Realize a network with interconnection and IPv6 technology to the end,Perception of the state、Sensor collection、On -site control and industrial network integration integration,By softening PLC/DCS and other traditional control systems, the software definition of industrial processes。will greatly streamline the traditional control network structure,Reduce the total cost of the industrial field system,Improve the deployment efficiency of the industrial site。
Industrial server has the following technical characteristics:
Support real -time operating system and universal operating system in parallel operation,and independent of each other
Real -time scheduling of multi -operating systems and real -time sharing of hardware resources
Integrated on -site broadband industrial bus chip that 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsintegrates Dongtu's independent innovation,Realize the second -line Ethernet high -speed real -time communication
Quick deployment of traditional controllers (PLC/DCS/Movement Control/HMI, etc.)
Perception of the state、Sensor collection、On -site control and industrial network integration integration