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Unlimited fluency,Born for the sake -Dongtu Technology launched a new video switch series

  • Time:2016-08-05
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         With the rapid development of intelligent monitoring technology,Technical standards for video transmission collection equipment are new and monthly,Transmission clarity and data volume European football results todayare greatly increased。At this time, higher requirements are also made for switches as data forwarding hubs at this time。Video surveillance applications are all aspects of all aspects of modern society,Including public security management,Petroleum Petrochemical,Smart Transportation,Industrial automation and many fields。

        Recent,Dongtu Technology meets market demand,launched a new switch product series for video transmission applications,Contains OPAL8GV, SICOM3008/3014GV three products。This product series has -40 ° C-+75 ° C extreme ambient temperature adaptability and good EMC electromagnetic compatibility performance,Stable and reliable in harsh industrial environment,Provide 12 ~ 58VDC power input at the same time; it can be widely used for transportation,Petroleum Petrochemical,Automation, etc. The industrial 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsfield that needs to be monitored by video surveillance。

Features of video transmission,Dongtu's new video series switch Private features are as follows:

-    cache up to 4M

-    Gigabit port supporting the power outlet and SFP interface

-    Support 9.6K ultra -long frame

-    Very high cost performance

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