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Dongtu Group launched a high -cost -effective embedded industrial computer

  • Time:2016-03-28
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Dongtu Group combines industrial communication technology with embedded industrial computer technology,Launch high cost performanceEuro Football results 2024,improved the efficiency of the factory automation solution and reduced costs,Dongtu Group focuses on the development and manufacturing of the product,Continue to improve its own product line,constantly strives 2024 European Cup Predictionsfor the establishment of a new generation of industrial control system for the establishment of the Internet,Can meet the different needs of different customers for smart applications。 

Current,Embedded industrial computers are widely used in the field of industrial control,Industrial automation equipment based on embedded chips will gain great development,Dongtu embedded computer products and services cover industrial intelligence control、Electricity System、Power Grid Security、New Energy、Petrochemical、Rail Transit and other industries。

Dongtu Group launched this timeEmbedded computer series productsReliable operation、Strong generalability、The characteristics of high integration,Easy to install at the same time、Maintenance and upgrade。Users can according to specific industries and application requirements,Select the right product,It can be very convenient、Fast Construction System,Shorten product development 2024 European Cup Predictionstime and reduce development difficulty。Product pre -installed Linux embedded operating system,Provides a opening of user software development、Efficient software platform,EMIDE Development Environment independently developed by Dongtu,convenient、Efficient completion of application development and interactive debugging,At the same time, the hardware interface supports the multi -road network,serial port,CAN port and can integrated a large number of DI/DO and AI/AO 

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