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Dongtu Technology participated in the formulation of IPv6 national standards officially released

  • Time:2022-04-22
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          Recent,The national standard "IPv6 Address Management Requirements in the Intelligent Manufacturing Environment" (National Standard Number GB ∕ T 41301 & MDASH; 2022) was officially released,and will be implemented on October 1, 2022。

         This standard understands the special requirements of the industrial Internet IPv6 address application,Focus on the key solution to the IPv6 address management in the intelligent manufacturing environment,Combining the actual situation of my country's industrial development with IPv6 address management needs,Development of the management requirements of the industrial Internet IPv6 address,It is also suitable for my country's current intelligent 2024 European Cup Predictionsmanufacturing development status,At the same time, the actual application of consumer -grade and industrial -grade enterprises that are equipped with IPv6 sites and the actual application of industrial -grade enterprises。
         This standard is by Dongtu Technology and China Xintong Academy、China Telecom、China Mobile、China Unicom、Goor Co., Ltd.、New Special Energy shares、Sichuan Changhong Electronics Holding Group jointly formulated,Meet the needs of the industrial Internet IPv6 address management requirements,Standards the goal of IPv6 address management、Basic principles、Allocation of management functions、File management function and use management function,It is conducive to operators and industrial enterprises to better allocate and use addresses,to improve the level and efficiency of IPv6 address management。Standard promulgation has guiding significance for the actual use of the enterprise。
         IPv6 has massive address space,Can provide a wider range of Internet connections,It can not only solve the problem of the number of network address resources,and can solve the obstacles 2024 European Cup Predictionsof multiple access devices connected to the Internet,The needs of application development in the intelligent manufacturing environment,Its application and deployment has become an inevitable trend。November 2021,Central Cyber ​​Information Office、National Development and Reform Commission、The Ministry of Industry and other departments jointly issued the "Notice on Carrying out IPv6 Technology Innovation and Fusion Application Pilot Work"。This notification require,Promoting Industrial Enterprise Network、Industrial Internet Platform、Analysis node of the identification,Accelerate industrial enterprises、Software and hardware IPv6 upgrade and reconstruction of outer network and industrial Internet platform。Exploring the new type of industrial control gateway based on IPv6,Promoting the new analysis node prefer IPv6,Realize the network interconnection of internal and external industry enterprises、Data interoperability、Network Application Innovation。
          Future,Dongtu Technology will actively participate European football results todayin IPv6、SDN、TSN and other new generation of network technology research and product development,Forms core technology and independent innovation products in related fields,Actively promote the high -quality development of the industrial Internet field。