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The first domestic! Intewell passes TüV South Germany three functional security certifications

  • Time:2022-02-21
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        Recent, Intewell's industrial -grade network operating system has passed the founder of the global functional security field & mdash; & mdash; Nande will to the highest security integrity level functional security certification。Intewell became the first domestic control、Rail Transit、Three important industries of automobile electronics obtained T & Uuml; V Nande's functional security certification operating system brand。

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           Deutsche Group is a global T & Uuml; V inspection agency,For more than 150 years, he has been focusing on quality、Safe and sustainability,Follow the standards set by international recognized standards,Provide certification、Test、Inspection and other multiple field services。T & Uuml; V South Germany's will for certification 2024 European Cup Predictionssign is recognized、Symbol of guarantee and sustainability。


Figure 2: Intewell industrial -grade network operating system

        Industrial Control、Rail Transit、Auto Electronics and other security key areas for software system functional security requirements are very strict,Not only does it need to meet industry standards,You need to pass the certification of the international third -party authoritative certification company。Current,The operating system market in these areas in China,Still foreign brands live in the lead。and the popular application of domestic brands such as Intewell,It will break the technical monopoly of foreign high -security operating systems abroad,Accelerate the autonomous controlled process of basic products of high -safety operating system。
       Industrial -grade network operating system is one of the key technologies of domestic & ldquo; card neck & rdquo;,It is also a key step in building an industrial Internet ecological construction。With the safe and reliable rise of basic software to the national strategy,Autonomous controlling the industrial -level network operating system is the general trend。Intewell European Cup Football Predictions ngayoncreated in the field of industrial Internet,It is based on micro -core architecture,Domestic operating system that supports virtualization,It supports the integration of multi -business and multi -industrial agreement,Compatible with multiple application ecology,Provide flexible and easy -to -use development tool support。Based on micro -core architecture,Intewell can provide virtualization management、Support non -real -time and real -time operation environment、Implement cloud interconnection,For multiple industries、Industrial applications of different scenarios need a safe and reliable unified basic operation platform。
       June 2020,Intewell passed the domestic authoritative evaluation agency & mdash; & mdash;、Performance test and source code autonomy scan test。In terms of the autonomy of the source code,Intewell kernel and some key module source source code private code rates of 100%; in terms of performance test, Intewell real -time virtual machine delay time、Interrupt response time、Mission switching time and other key performance indicators have reached the industry's advanced level。
      2024 European Cup PredictionsAs the only domestic control、Industrial Robot、Industrial Network、Airplane、Domestic industrial -grade network operating systems in the fields of automobiles,Intewell's operating system will continue to enhance and improve its own functional characteristics of the industry,On the automation production line、Robot control、Construction Machinery、Application of Energy Management and other fields,Then drive the development and maturity of China's industrial software ecological chain,Help China's industrial digital development。