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【Application for Trial】 Maview Industrial Control Programming Platform

  • Time:2023-06-28
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Euro Football results 2024

       MANAGEMENT of Virtualized Industrial Engineering Workbench) is an integrated platform,Its functions include the development environment (IDE) and operating environment (RTE) that conform to IEC61131,IDE includes equipment configuration、Virtualization configuration of industrial server、 Algorithm configuration、Compilation Lotal、Online debugging and other core components。

      Maview software package download: Extraction code: DTKJ )  


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Product structure

Key features

Easy -to -use: Support Drag and Drag Draggate Programming,Programming language supporting IEC61131-3

Programming Ecology: Support C ++ programming,Support Matlab/Simulink

Cross -platform support: support Windows and Linux systems

Unified Development Platform: 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsA set of software is suitable for Dongtu Industrial Server、Dongtu PLC controller



Performance parameters
Maview IDE product specifications
Equipment configuration Graphic Drag and Dragoning Equipment,Contains Dongtu Industrial Server,Dongtu PLC controller,Business bus and remote IO device
Provide a short -drawing window to support fast positioning
Industrial server redundant configuration
Business bus includes MODBUS TCP,MODBUS RTU,Ethercat,Canopen,Autbus and custom TCP and custom serial ports
Support configuration bus associated controller,Physical ports and IP information
Support configuration to add Dongtu IO equipment and third -party IO equipment,Automatically generate IO variable

Algorithm configuration -Algorithm configuration
Support IEC61131-3 ST,ld,FBD programming language
Each virtual PLC supports up to 10 different levels and cycles of instance tasks per virtual PLC
Variable declaration supports the inferration of the export function
Algorithm program file import export
Global variable management of supporting controller and IO variable management
The structure of the supporting function block reference
variables, statement association functions
Variables to power and keep definition
Provide variable global search functions, support direct jump procedures
-C ++ Support
Provide an independent Maview Lib Developer tool for creating a library of C ++
Support import C ++ source code file
Support import of C ++ file generated by matlab/simulink
Release C ++ program as Function Block Module Library,can be imported maview

Virtualization configuration Virtual PLC physical core configuration
Graphic creation of virtual PLC and allocation interface resources、redundant settings
Support virtual network port configuration,Each physical network port can allocate up to 7 virtual PLCs for use
Support virtualization configuration introduction, Euro Football results 2024export, read, lower installation function
Support virtual PLC operation control and status monitoring
Compile debugger -Compilation
Support full engineering compilation
Support to compile the selected controller and HMI compilation
Check the correctness of the inspection group during compilation, and give an error prompt positioning
Support the full project under the installation and incremental bottom
Support selection target controller and HMI site installation algorithm、picture
Support ST, LD, FBD breakpoint debug
Algorithm page Display the real -time value of variables
Online Support variable value real -time curve display and list display
Support variable online writing value and compulsory
Support ST, LD, FBD online real -time display variable value

System requirements 1. Software configuration requirements
Desktop operating system: Windows 7 x64 SP1, Windows 10 X64 or 64 -bit Linux operating system such as Fedora 28,ubuntu 16.04, etc.。The desktop system that supports installed on the above list of the above list is supported。
Desktop environment: .NET Framework 4.7.
2. The minimum requirements for hardware configuration
The minimum configuration requirements for configuration items
Processor Core dual -core processor,CPU processing frequency 2.4GHz
Memory 4GB (RAM)
Hard disk 6GB available space
Display resolution is greater than equal to 1366*768
MAVIEW RTE product specifications
RTE function Executive applications based on IEC 61131-3
Execute the operation of I/O
Communication with external equipment
Perform communication between PLC
Communication with Maview IDE
diagnosis of PLC controller and industrial server
Perform PLC redundancy synchronization and verification
System requirements 1. Software configuration requirements
Operating System: Intewell-C,RT Linux。
2. The minimum requirements for hardware configuration
The minimum configuration requirements for configuration items
The main frequency of the processor 800MHz
Memory 500MB
200MB available space for hard disk


Mechanical size


Order information

Product model

European football results todayProduct description

Maview IDE

Industrial Control Programming Platform IDE


Industrial Control Programming Platform RTE