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Single champion of the national manufacturing industry, Dongtu Technology was recognized again!

  • Time:2023-06-13
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      2024 European Cup PredictionsDongtu Technology has been rated as a national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise since 2019,With solid comprehensive strength、Continuous innovation capabilities on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology again in 2022、The fourth batch of manufacturing single champion companies released by the China Industrial Economic Federation review the list,Get & ldquo; National manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise & rdquo; certificate,Continue to occupy the head status in the field of industrial communication and control of China,Promote the development of industrial artificial intelligence technology cluster。

      May 2023,Dongtu Technology as a representative of a single champion enterprise,invited to participate in the 2023 manufacturing single champion enterprise experience exchange meeting。Since 2016,Enterprises selected for the national manufacturing single champion represent the top level in various fields,It is a manifestation of the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing。

      Single champion selected for the national manufacturing industry needs to meet the field of deep cultivation and segments for more than ten years、Market share global leading、Have core independent intellectual property rights、Leading or participating in the formulation of various strict conditions such as technical standards in related fields。Dongtu Technology won the bill of height in 2019,Optional European Cup Football Predictions ngayonand international trade unstable factors,Maintain a stable R & D level and production capacity,In 2022, it reached 520,000 industrial -grade network communication products production volume。

      Since 2019,Dongtu Technology actively deployed the research and development and landing of self -developed products,Product advantages with 100%domestic production。

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      Dongtu Technology is based on localized high -performance network communication chips,Research and developed a domestic 10D core switch、 TSN Industrial Ethernet switch and terminal equipment,Optimize and upgrade the existing self -developed switch series products,Improve the stability of network transmission、timeliness,Meet electricity、Rail Transit、High -performance requirements for domestic equipment and equipment in important industries such as coal and clean energy and key areas。

      For example,,SICOM6800 switch,A self -developed exchange chip was adopted,Physical layer chip,CPU and operating system,It is a domestic three -layer rack backbone network switch that requires high construction control safety.。The components used in this product are all domestic industrial -grade components,Product Design、R & D、Production、Testing and other links are completed in China,It is a real 100%domestic industrial -grade Ethernet switch。

Actively deploy TSN products research and development and landing

      Time sensitive network (TSN) is a new industrial communication technology European Cup Football Predictions ngayonthat is currently actively promoted by the international industry,Time sensitive network allows periodic and non -periodic data to transmit in the same network,Make Standard Ethernet with certainty transmission,With a wide range of application prospects,It can support multiple types of services,Including remote control、Autonomous driving、Smart Grid and other fields。Dongtu Technology since 2019,Dedicated to the research and development of sensitive networks of national production time,and has made important progress,and released the first self -developed time -sensitive network chip in China in 2022。

      On the basis of the product performance of the self -developed industrial Ethernet switch,TSN time -sensitive network products have been launched one after another,Integrated time sensitive network technical characteristics,Have a low latency、Product advantages such as high reliability,Already in rail transit、Smart Grid and highway implementation applications。

officially released autbus,Realize the unity of the intelligent industry control underlying technology

      October 2022,The company led "AUTBUS System Architecture and Communication Specifications" national standards led by the company's led by the company are officially released; March 2023,The company's 6 international standards of IPv6 -based industrial control bus -based industrial control bus -based international standards are officially European football results todayreleased by IEC。This technology is the first international IP industry control agreement,The release of international standards of Autbus marks the continuous breakthrough of the company's underlying control technology of the Industrial Internet,Industrial network and control system that helps the company builds & ldquo; autonomous intelligence & rdquo;,Realize the unity of the intelligent industry control underlying technology。

      AUTBUS international standards have long -distance transmission、Save wiring、Compatible with time sensitive network technology and other technologies,Not only can not only meet the previous basic industrial field requirements,can be better applied to oil and gas at sea,Oil and gas long infusion pipe,Water Water,Gas, etc. areas that require long -distance transmission。

      Dongtu Technology is based on autonomy、Safety,Fully build the national industry and chemical industry Internet products and technical systems from R & D to production,Core products are completely designed and manufactured by the company,Fully grasped TSN network、Industrial Operating System Intewell、Industrial Software Maview、Core technology of communication equipment,Products and solutions have been widely recognized by industry users,In the future, it will continue to contribute innovation for industrial intelligent network technology。