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The Internet of Things cloud platform Kyvista
The Internet of Things cloud platform Kyvista

1, Introduction
Dongtu IoT Cloud Platform can monitor the data of remote IoT object data through various access methods such as LoRa low power IoT、Transmission、Storage and management。Use various networks to be scattered、Independent IoT Object Collection Point for network,Provide users in different regions to provide a unified access across region、Distributed storage、Hierarchical management、European Cup Football Predictions ngayonMulti -mode application、Resource sharing IoT monitoring service。
2. Platform features:

Open cloud+end application development framework
Agile and efficient development tool support
Security and stable IoT operation support platform
Integrated industry application solutions for software and hardware products
3, software product-Kyvista 
Kyvista Industrial Internet panoramic visualization integrated platform abstract the Internet of Things architecture,From information perception、Transmission、Storage and processing angle provides the Internet of Things Basic Software Products,It can integrate a variety of end -end IoT perception、Monitoring and alarm resources,Provide various communication protocols and data format conversion、Big data processing、Two -three -dimensional visual display and integrated functions for the Internet and mobile Internet。
The advanced configuration of the platform、Componentization、Extension point and other design concepts and advanced packaging technology,solved the access to various European football results todaytypes of equipment、Data interconnection and difficulty in application,Providing customers with mature software products and leading & ldquo; Twoflies & rdquo; complete solutions。 

4, application scenario

Smart City Management、Smart meter copy、Comprehensive surveillance of urban waste、Urban pollution sources and danger sources monitoring、Public asset anti -theft positioning monitoring、Urban Underground Pipe Network Monitoring, etc.

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