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LNG network solution
LNG network solution

LNGThe receiving station is mainly fromLNGPier andLNGA organic whole,Through the mutual collaboration of these equipment,The transportation of the seaLNGStorage through European football results todaya certain process process toLNGStorage tanks and lose to users.LNGThe network system of receiving station, mainly rightLNGThe entire process process is monitored and managed.

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System requirements

& middot;Stable and reliable optical fiber backbone network,Can run normally in the harsh environment of the LNG process process
& middot;Network redundant self -healing ability,Makes the unblocked communication when the network fails
& middot;Real -time data transmission capacity to ensure low network latency
& middot;Network security mechanism guarantees access security, data transmission security
& middot;Convenient management and maintenance ability

Selection reason

& middot;High reliability: EMC level 4,IP40 protection level,No fan design,-40 ~ 75 degrees wide temperature environment without packets,Redurable heat preparation power supply,ring network fault recovery time & lt; 20ms
& middot;High -time nature: European football results todayData delay & lt; 5US,Deeptering & lt; 1us
& middot;Data security: C/S certification authorization mode,can be graded for access users,Data supports MD5 and other encryption algorithms

Product List
Application case