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Comprehensive monitoring system network solution
Comprehensive monitoring system network solution

Comprehensive Monitoring System (ISCS) played a key role in the concentrated and comprehensive control of the urban subway。You can monitor the main subsystem status,such as AFC,PIS/PA,Euro Football results 2024Clock,CCTV,bas,FAS,PSCADA,ATS,TMS, etc.。

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System requirements

& Bull; Provide 10G bandwidth,Support the convergence of multi -business on the backbone network
& Bull; Support flexibility、Fast failure recovery,,No failure power input
& Bull; Route and network protection between different networks
& Bull; User -friendly network management

Selection reason

& Bull; Rich switch port selection,From 5 100M ports to a maximum of 96 gigabit 4 million MP
& Bull; Comprehensive network redundant protection function,such as RSTP,DT-Ring,IEC62439-6 (DRP),IEC62439-3 (HSR/PRP),Provide a fault recovery time better than 50ms
& Bull; Provide redundant heat insertion power module
& Bull; The three -layer core switch supports RIP,OSPF,IEEE802.1X,ACL security protection function
& Bull; Kyvision3.0,NMS software developed independently,Provide intuitive graphical user interface,Provide network monitoring and management

Product List
Application case