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One -stop control scheme with integrated fusion
One -stop control scheme with integrated fusion

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With the continuous iteration of technology and needs:

● Industry needs to create control -equipment -production line intelligent and integrated channels
● The production side needs to be highly integrated European football results todayand integrated intelligent integration control scheme
● Managers need high -expanded intelligent system docking management optimization

Dongtu Technology proposes a one -stop control solution for integrated integration

● Based on virtualization, super fusion, high -real -time technology
● Real -time + non -real -time operation environment
● The perfect fusion of visual software and real -time control
● Vision + control integrated solution,Give the control system integration、Software ability
● Maview integrates machine vision、Logic control、Sports control multidimensional coordination ability


      The edge controller uses the INTewell operating system,Virtual real -time system environment and non -real -time system environment on the edge controller,The real -time system environment is used for running movement control、PLC control and other real -time tasks; non -real -time system environment is used to run visual analysis software,hmi and other software。


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System requirements

During the application process controlled by European football results todaythe automation system,You need to solve the following problems:


Dongtu Technology proposed a one -stop control solution for integrated integration:



Selection reason


Product List
Application case