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Lead the new chapter of the energy storage structure,Dongtu Science 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsand Technology Innovation Capability has been recognized by the country

  • Time:2024-01-22
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      January 18,The Finals Awards Ceremony of the Finals of the Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Contest of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held in Yibin, Sichuan。From the State Grid Comprehensive Energy Service Group Co., Ltd.、Euro Football Results 2024 and other units declared & ldquo; Software definition energy storage system architecture (IESS) & rdquo;。

      Energy Electronics is an important part of the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power and network power,It is also new energy production、The material basis for storing and utilization,It is the backbone of carbon peak carbon neutralization and target。This contest was co -sponsored by the Industrial and Information Technology Industrial Development Promotion Center and other units,It aims to promote technological breakthroughs and product supply capacity improvement in the energy electronics field,Promoting industrial upgrading。The entry of the contest represents my country in & ldquo; light、Storage、Duan、Storage & rdquo; The real scientific research level in the four fields,Fully demonstrated the vigorous and innovative vitality of the energy electronics industry。

      2023,The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other units jointly released the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the 2024 European Cup PredictionsEnergy Electronics Industry",For the first time, the strategy of development from the country highly defines the connotation of the energy electronics industry。At present, the market's general energy storage system integration ability is low、System expansion poor、Low standardization、weakness of intelligence,Limit the development of the energy storage industry,It does not meet the needs of new industrialization development。Improve the development of the energy storage system,More advanced intelligent architecture is needed。

      & ldquo; Software defined by the State Grid Comprehensive Energy Service Group and Dongtu Technology and other units & rdquo;。IESS architecture is the first in the international and domestic markets,Create a precedent for standardization and integration of energy storage system,Allow seamless cloud-edge-end interactive collaboration,Hardware of the energy storage system、Data、Flexible programming and arrangement of computing power。IESS's architecture design draws the essence of modern smart device operating system,Breaking the traditional limitations,Makes the operation of the application no longer limited to a single physical location,But you can cross the cloud、Edge calculation and terminal equipment,can be based on different applications,System requirements and resource availability for dynamic deployment。

      IESS architecture is based on Industrial 4.European Cup Football Predictions ngayon0 advanced concept,Budging from the integration characteristics of automotive electronics and electrical architecture and the development trend of energy Internet technology,redefined the energy storage system architecture (IESS)。Continuing the design concept of the smart substation system,Through high speed、Synchronous communication network and control bus,Realization of hardware equipment and software application decoupling,Hardware equipment certification is plug -in and played,Software application integrated design,High execution efficiency,Function expansion convenience,Lay the foundation for data -driven smart security operations。

      Dongtu Technology has independent controllable TSN chips、Broadband Bullet AUTBUS chip and autonomous controlled Intewell operating system,undertake a number of major national major special projects,Leading 6 international standards,Leading the establishment of the AUTBUS bus bidding committee。The main undertaking unit of the IESS architecture,Dongtu Technology mainly undertakes the energy storage bus、Development of energy storage operating system and advanced applications,provided the main project:

European football results today Based on Autbus and TSN technology,Realized high -real time、high bandwidth、Precise synchronization network with high certainty。

      & Middot; Energy Storage Operation System (IES-OS):Autonomous and controllable Intewell operating system,Form an energy storage service model through the intelligent framework,Realized BMS、PMS and EMS fusion。BMS and PCS will evolve into sensors and execution units,as a standardized hardware bottom layer,Implementation as soon as possible。

      IESS project has been used for demonstration applications at 215kWh energy storage cabinet,and test the feasibility of the system,Conditions that have been transformed on the ground。Thanks to the high flexibility and strong expansion of the IESS project,Various types of new energy companies can according to the requirements of application scenarios,Copy the IESS architecture to various new energy storage fields。

      Future,Dongtu Technology will respond to national strategy,Will Intewell Hongdao Industrial Operating System、TSN network communication technology、AUTBUS bus technology places the primary position of development,Adhere to the key core technology tackling,Relying on advanced industrial manufacturing technology,Joint upstream and downstream industrial chain,Create a full -capable and controllable energy storage field of large countries,Create a wide range of energy storage applications ecology,Provides Chinese overall solutions for the development of the energy storage industry。