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Industrial Software: Breaking the "key move"

  • Time:2023-12-05
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      Industry is an important pillar of the national economy,It is also the main battlefield of technological innovation,It is the most active activity of innovation activities、The most abundant results of innovation、The most concentrated application of innovative applications、One of the areas with the strongest effect of innovation overflow。

     Past,Drawing definition products、Craft constraint process、Description function,Is an engineering practice。Once the product is made good,Want to adjust its function、Performance is particularly difficult。Current,In -depth integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing,Accelerate & ldquo; Zhi change number European Cup Football Predictions ngayonto & rdquo; form real productivity。Industrial software regarded as the soul of modern industry is also forging competitiveness,Not only rewritten & ldquo; history with equipment as the core & rdquo;,It will accelerate the industrial & rdquo; transformation,Constructing a modern industrial system,Accelerate the digitalization of the real economy、Intelligent、Green transformation pace。

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     A smart production workshop located in a electric equipment company located in Fangshan, Beijing,A silver robotic arm smoothly & ldquo; hand & rdquo;,Grab the right target workpiece from it,and accurately install the workpiece into the specified location in the correct first and tail direction for fixing。Sloping of action throughout the process、No trace of Carton,As if I can see the workpiece。

     This robotic arm applies 3D machine visual technology,Not only can identify the positioning workpiece,Flexible adjustment of the workpiece,,Can also guide the robotic arm to complete the feed,Realizing high -precision intelligent production。

     In the traditional production workshop,Spark plug、Screws are usually placed in the material box,Need workers to choose by bare hands、Packaging。& ldquo; Due to the disorder of materials,This process also requires workers to confirm the front and back of the workpiece and adjust the workpiece.,Great labor intensity、High production cost、Low production efficiency、Not the good rate is not stable enough。& rdquo; An automation engineer in the factory told reporters。

     In today's smart factory,The application of artificial intelligence algorithms has greatly improved the intelligent level of production。& ldquo; 3D machine visual technology adopts a target detection positioning algorithm based on deep learning and the intelligent machine arm obstacle avoidance and trajectory planning algorithm,Can enable the machine to effectively locate the identification and avoid obstacles when performing the task,Enhance the stability of the equipment,While improving the efficiency of work,Reduce cost。& 2024 European Cup Predictionsrdquo; Zhou Aiping, strategic director of Dongtu Technology Products。

     Make the operation of industrial software agile、Slim、Behind the cardlessness is the credit of the domestic industrial operating system。The industrial operating system provides a high -level match for the operation of industrial application software、High reliability & ldquo; environment & rdquo;,Can meet the industrial mother machine、Industrial robots high -real time、Demand for high precision control。

     Traditional factories to smart factories、Advanced in the Future Factory,An open industrial operating system is indispensable。& ldquo; This system can connect various equipment and information systems,Gathering rich data to a & lsquo; unified bottom seat & rsquo;,Various application systems,Different ecological companies can create a rich industrial app on this base,Let industrial manufacturing choose what it needs。& rdquo; Zhou Aiping said。

     Tradition is intelligent with a single point、The mode of trying while trying is gradually being driven by data、A comprehensive intelligent mode replaced,Digital transformation of manufacturing with intelligence as the core is becoming clearer。The latest statistical data shows,Smart factories like this、Digital workshop,my country has built nearly 10,000 houses。Intelligent transformation,Product R & D cycle further shorten、Production efficiency further improves、The rate of bad products is effectively controlled。

Industry AI Light Smart Manufacturing

     my country has the largest、The most complete industrial enterprise cluster and industrial chain,Existing manufacturing giant,There are also many small and medium -sized factories for millions。

     During the interview,Some companies have expressed the promotion of digitalization、Multiple actual resistance still encounters during the process of intelligence,For example,System software is open to poor openness,& ldquo; Chimney -type & rdquo; System construction trigger & ldquo; information island & rdquo; and & ldquo; data haze & rdquo;,It is difficult to convert a large amount of data assets into data resources; the complexity of the digital and intelligent 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsprocess makes it difficult to start; it is difficult to accumulate industrial knowledge,Lack of precipitation and inheritance in manufacturing experience。So,& ldquo; Automation & rdquo; & ldquo; intelligent & rdquo;,There are still companies still rely on & ldquo; Master opens the valve at the scene、Fighting instrument & rdquo;,If not carefully observed、Real -time control,It is difficult to eliminate production risks。

     In recent years,Artificial intelligence & ldquo; shock wave & rdquo; transmit to the industry,Traction industrial system from & ldquo; interconnection & rdquo; to & ldquo; wisdom & rdquo; upgrade。Especially the emergence of industrial artificial intelligence,Intelligent upgrade and cleaning obstacles for the manufacturing industry。

     Interviewed person said,The local & ldquo; local intelligence & rdquo; intelligent & rdquo; extend along the horizontal vertical direction。One aspect,Equipment Intelligent、Sensing Technology、Communication Technology、The rapid development of information and control technology provides big data environment and computing capabilities for industrial systems; on the other hand,Industrial Interconnection Equipment、People、Service connection,Make many changes to the industrial design and manufacturing process。

     Industrial Internet through data collection and analysis,Multi -dimensional production monitoring and intelligent optimization,and artificial intelligence can dig and analyze data more deeply,Provide more accurate decision support and prediction。

     The experience of relying on the master to teach the manufacturing site has gradually faded out of the historical stage,Industrial artificial intelligence transforms manufacturing knowledge and experience wisdom into models and algorithms that can be understood by the digital world,Continuously absorb new data in the digital world,Continuously running model、iteration model、Optimized model,More accurately assisting humans to make decisions and execution、To solve existing problems,and drive more intelligent changes and innovation in the future。

Forging the soul of industrial manufacturing

     From the history of the development of the Internet,The appearance of smartphones has played a key role in the large -scale application of the Internet,The core of the evolution of smartphones is the operating system。Based on the operating system,The Internet develops a prosperous application market,People have used functional APP,The popularity of artificial intelligence becomes possible。

     The evolution of the Industrial Internet is also the same。Realize the advanced from traditional industrial interconnection to industrial artificial intelligence,Not only does it need to realize network interoperability、Agreement unified and broadband,More urgent need to realize the replacement of the new industrial operating system。

     Industrial software as the key to realizing new industrialization,Drive the manufacturing management process optimization、Change of production model and production relationship change,and increase the productivity of all factor。One aspect,The application of industrial software runs through all aspects of the corporate value chain,From product、Equipment、Production、Management、Logistics to service; on the other hand,Industrial software can also break through the corporate boundary,Traction business process and production and business model change,Forms a new industrial productivity。

     For a long time in the past,Industrial software, including industrial operating systems, all come from abroad。This means connecting China's & ldquo; industrial body & rdquo;,Core data、Technology、Knowledge is precipitated on the platform of outsiders。The advanced road to industrial intelligence to industrial intelligence,Provide the opportunity to change the way for domestic industrial software。

     & ldquo; my country's industrial operating system is based on the development direction of the industrial universal artificial intelligence。& rdquo; Li Ping, chairman of Dongtu Technology said,The domestic industrial operating system is experiencing rapid research and development iteration,and target the digitalization and intelligence of the entire process of industrial production Euro Football results 2024management,Promote the realization of & ldquo; hardware software,Digital industrial service & rdquo;,Provide safe and reliable for my country's new industrialization、Software basic platform for sustainable development。

     domestic industrial software is seizing the historic opportunities of industrial artificial intelligence。​​Statistics display,my country's industrial software product revenue increased from 119.4 billion yuan in 2016 to 240.7 billion yuan in 2022,Compound annual growth rate of 12.4%,Great development potential。

     Domestic industrial operating system is in Flying Control、Aviation、CNC machine tool、Construction Machinery、Intelligent manufacturing and other fields are applied。For example,In the field of urban intelligent traffic control,Intelligent traffic server equipped with Intewell's Hongdao operating system,Solved the real -time and non -actual time transmission and confidentiality of the data control data of signal control data and video data,Currently in Daxing, Beijing、Xiong'an, Hebei、Guangzhou Nansha、Chongqing and other places are applied to the field of intelligent traffic control。

     & ldquo; In the competition of the industry & lsquo; soul & rsquo;,We should work hard to achieve & lsquo; and run & rsquo;、Strive to achieve & lsquo; Leading & rsquo;,Contribute to the new type of industrialization。& rdquo; Li Ping said。

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Source of this article: Xinhua News Agency, Economic Reference News