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Dongtu Technology released the first TSN chip independently designed in China

  • Time:2022-08-06
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         In the industrial field,Control low latency、Determine data transmission is just need,A large number of industrial real -time Ethernet protocols are incompatible or difficult to communicate with each other、The cost is high,Network fragmentation、OICT fusion difficulties and other problems。Time sensitive network (TSN) uses IEEE802.qbv and other series of network standards,Changed the complex of the traditional network、Difficulty of closed,At the same time to ensure the real -time data communication,Data communication that can be achieved in the same network with other open networks and IT systems,European football results todayProblems to solve interconnection,Realize the fusion of OICT。Time sensitive network has become an industry consensus developed to the next generation of industrial cable networks。

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        Our company existing industrial network chip design、reliability、Foundation of precise time synchronization technology,Since 2019,After three years of research and development,launched the first TSN chip in China-KD65XX series; related performance parameters: support 32G exchange capacity,12 SGMII (Serdes) interface、 2 10G Base-KR/10G Base-R interface; support IEEE802.1QBV、802.1as and other TSN series standards,Built -in high -performance dual -core Arc & Reg; HS48FS CPU; plug -in capacity is 2GB,The maximum data rate is 1.6G; the wide temperature of -40 ~ 105 ° C can be achieved,Function Security IEC61508 SIL2 level。Current,This chip passed the test of the China Information and Communication Research Institute and other units,TSN function meets the series of network standards such as 802.1QBV。

         Based on the above chip,Euro Football results 2024Our company developed switches with time -sensitive network functions、Terminal equipment、Clock Source、Gateway、Controller and PLC and other products; thus built a chip of the time -sensitive network、Equipment、The overall solution of the system; in intelligent manufacturing、Rail Transit、Smart Car、Application and promotion in the fields of power and other fields。

         2022,& ldquo; The Industrial Internet Industry Alliance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The Time Sensitive Network Key Equipment Lab & RDQUO;。The establishment of the laboratory marks the research and development and industrialization application of key equipment in the domestic time sensitive network.,This is a foreign monopoly for breaking time sensitive network technology、Independent innovation of industrial network key technical equipment is of great strategic significance。

        Next,Dongtu Technology will rely on TSN technology,Common and downstream,Actively promote the development and innovation of TSN European Cup Football Predictions ngayontechnology,Realize the control of key technical equipment for industrial networks、Model iteration and industrial incubation,Accelerate the session of the global industrial Internet system。