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Refinery plant, chemical plant network solution
Refinery plant, chemical plant network solution

There are a large number of smart devices in the refinery and chemical plants,Many of the equipment must be kept uninterrupted for a long time。DCSMESSIS and security systems to manage and monitor the production and performance of the factory through Ethernet connecting various controller and monitor。

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System requirements

European Cup Football Predictions ngayonHigh stable and flexible Ethernet network
& middot;For each system、Controller and on -site equipment provide redundant network,Realize fast network self -healing
& middot;enough bandwidth to meet the needs of video surveillance business
& middot;in DCS、SIS、MES system failure when there is a failure,The network system needs to provide the ability to control the failure range in a single domain
& middot;The communication system needs to provide data filtering and judging the legality of the access equipment
& middot;Communication equipment must have good electromagnetic compatibility,Provide redundant power input
& middot;Network data transmission is low, delayed jitter
& middot;You need to provide a security access mechanism for communication equipment,Avoid human destruction

Selection reason

& middot;Dongtu High -Performance Network Tube Industrial Ethernet Switch,Provide reliable network connection,Excellent network performance,Super long -failed working hours meet the continuous operation requirements of 7x24 hours
& middot;Support STP/RSTP,DT-Ring,IEC62439-6/DRP and other network redundant functions,Provide fast network fault self -healing ability
& middot;The backbone network provides 1000MB of high bandwidth protection,Make sure the data is not blocked and transmitted,European football results todaySupport giant frame transmission,Increase the bandwidth utilization
& middot;Support port failure isolation、Data abnormal monitoring and alarm、ring back detection,Control the failure range in the system abnormal state,and provide a clear and effective alarm information for failure recovery。
& middot;Support TCP/UDP message filter、MAC address binding,Realize the pure communication network of only retaining system business data,Prevent unauthorized device access。
& middot;Support SSH、SSL、SNMPV3,Ensure the security of the network system。
& middot;EMC level 4,Industrial -grade design,-40 ~ 85 ℃ Wide temperature,Provide independent dual redundant protection power input
& middot;Data delay is less than 5 & mu; m,​​Delayed jitter less than 1 & mu; m

Product List
Application case