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Oil and gas conveying pipeline network solution
Oil and gas conveying pipeline network solution

Petroleum/Natural gas conveying pipeline is oil、One of the main ways of natural gas transportation,Its automation system mainly includesscadaSystem、Industrial TV System、voice system, etc.,The network communication system needs to provide real -time for each subsystem、Stable multi -business communication platform。Network equipment is distributed in the regulation center、Square、Valve room and other nodes,The communication facilities between each node are availableSDHSystem or Fiber System,Communication equipment must have access to various communication European football results todayfacilities,and in various geographical and natural environmentsSCADA and other subsystems provide reliable data transmission services。

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System requirements

Euro Football results 2024The SCADA system and network management software in the regulation center can receive and monitor all status information of the pipeline
& middot;Through reliable fiber -to -ether network,Realize the remote data monitoring of the pipeline and real -time communication with the central system
& middot;High -bandwidth Gigabit backbone network,Support long -distance real -time business data、Video and audio transmission
& middot;Support redundant self -healing function,Fast recovery when the network fails,redundant protocol compatible SDH system and optical fiber system。
& middot;Provide convenient network management functions and diagnostic functions,Assisting operators conduct remote failure analysis and positioning of network systems and business systems。
& middot;Industrial -grade equipment,Strictly meet industrial standards,Support wide temperature,Suitable for bad working environment。

Selection reason

& middot;Dongtu can provide a complete network solution,High -density core three -layer industrial Ethernet switch、Correspondence or Card Rail Two -layer Industrial Ethernet Switch,Suitable for regulatory centers、System nodes such as stations and valve rooms。
& middot;Support IEC62439-6 (DRP),Provide a network failure recovery time of less than 20ms (support SDH system as a transmission channel)
& middot;Support NMS system KYVISION to provide convenient and reliable network status monitoring and fault checking functions
& middot;Support flexible port mirror、Diagnostic functions such as comprehensive port statistics,Assist the operator to analyze the positioning of the business system failure。
& middot;EMC level 4, IP40 protection level
& middot;Wide temperature work -40 ~ 85 ℃, independent redundant power supply
& middot;Green Ethernet product, low power design

Product List
Application case