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Wind power network solution
Wind power network solution

Wind power as fuel consumption,No pollution,Energy with unlimited reserves,is receiving widespread attention。until the end of 2010,The installed capacity of wind power in the world has reached 197 billion watt。

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System requirements

& middot; adapt to the vast distance of the wind farm
& middot; adapt to the bad EMC/EMI environment
& middot;,dust,Wet and vibration protection ability
& middot; startup ability at extremely low temperature
& middot; Support long -distance reliable communication
& middot; The unified Euro Football results 2024clock of the whole station supports real -time monitoring and event traceability

Selection reason

& middot; Normal startup at extremely low temperature (-40 ° C)
& middot; Support IEC62439-6/DRP,Provide an ring network failure self -healing of a circular network that is less than 20ms,Guarantee network reliability
& middot; Uniform management software Kyvision provides real -time network monitoring and management Kyexplorer management tools,Batch management of supporting IP address
& middot; supports 110/220AC/DC high -voltage power supply card rail products
& middot; Support the default configuration one -click recovery
& middot; The optical port solution is provided to the top of the wind tower and the optical fiber connection of the redundant ring network
& middot; PCB coating provides dustproof、moisture -proof、Anti -corrosion ability
& middot; small size design,Installation is more convenient
& middot; green low power design
& middot; on -site use of more than 150 wind power plants
& middot; High -precision clock server supports multiple timing signals and network timing services

Product List
Application case