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Engineering vehicle control system solution
Engineering vehicle control system solution

Future,To improve the production efficiency and production quality of engineering vehicle construction,Need to driverless and multi -car collaborative driving technology。Unmanned driving technology,It needs to be auxiliary radar or camera visual equipment,Coordination with autonomous driving applications,Therefore, the hardware platform needs a certain calculation capacity。Multi -car collaborative technology,You need to connect the original car PLC controller through the wireless gateway to access the higher level & ldquo; controller & rdquo;,from the more upper & ldquo; controller & rdquo;。

Traditional car PLC controller,Due to its function、Performance single、Poor communication ability、Poor computing power,Usually you need additional industrial control equipment to complete the corresponding autonomous driving、Visual processing task,Need additional communication equipment to achieve collaborative control。

European Cup Football Predictions ngayonAdded controller and communication equipment will bring occupation space increase、Question of increased cost。and most car PLC controller interfaces are limited,Only provide the communication bus of the car itself,Don’t support accessing multiple external equipment,Difficulty of renovation。

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System requirements

Provide a self -autonomous driving、New car control platform for collaborative control applications,Support the control function of the PLC controller of the original engineering vehicle,and provide a rich interface to connect the visual assistance、radar、wireless gateway and other peripherals,Provide powerful computing power to support autonomous driving、Multi -car collaborative control application。

Selection reason

Dongtu Technology provides new vehicle control solutions with industrial server as the core:

Use industrial server pre-installed Intewell-H edge operating system virtualization characteristics,Provide two real -time systems of PLC control for construction machinery,A application for running autonomous driving,Another desktop system is provided for visual auxiliary applications and protocol gateway Kygate。

Dongtu Technology provides completely independent research and development、Maview,To support engineering European football results todayvehicle manufacturers to control the vehicle。Maview supports common IEC61131-3 programming language,Support graphic drag -and -drooling programming,Supporting virtualization configuration of industrial servers。

Industrial server supports distributed IO usage,Support the use of CAN between the IO module,Autbus,Ethernet and other bus communication。Industrial server provides standard CAN interface,Compatible engineering Vehicle Motor CAN Bulls Bus Equipment,Including ECU、The physical switch of the cab、cabinet display、Driving Auxiliary GPS module。Provide Ethernet interface,Support and driver -assisted camera directly adopt Ethernet connection。

Industrial server provides built -in WIFI/4G/5G modules,Pre -installed Kygate protocol gateway application,Support engineering vehicle vehicle communication,to achieve remote maintenance、Control,and cloud -based multi -car collaborative control。

Industrial server meets the impact of engineering vehicles on anti -vibration、The temperature and humidity of the environment、Core requirements such as connection reliability。

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  1. Industrial server one machine to realize engineering vehicle control、Visual analysis、Autonomous driving、Shangyun Connection,Save engineering European football results todayvehicle manufacturers' equipment procurement costs,Save the installation space of equipment on the engineering vehicle。
  2. Rich interface,Convenient extension,Can be flexibly access to other devices such as hot imaging camera。
  3. Provide core hardware、Operating System、Platform and solution for the integration of control programming software,Reduce the cost of docking of engineering European football results todayvehicle manufacturers,Support customized development。


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