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Gas Station monitoring system solution
Gas Station monitoring system solution

Traditional gas station monitoring system is a typical pyramid -type control system scheme。Divided into the on -site layer、Control layer、monitoring layer、Management four layers of structure。

The traditional pyramid -type control system architecture faces the following problems during the implementation process:

1. Increased implementation of edge computing applications。PLC controller of the control layer,HMI of the monitoring layer、SCADA features a single one,Can't provide computing power,Often needs to configure additional industrial control machines to perform edge computing applications。

2. often contain a variety of special equipment,These devices have dedicated controllers and HMI,The main controller of the control layer is limited to the interface、Agreement is often not convenient to connect these special controllers,As a result, it is difficult for the monitoring layer equipment to monitor the entire system through the main controller,Operators often need to operate multiple HMI distributed in different places,Very inconvenient to use。

3. Cloud management difficulties。Due to the difficulty of the monitoring layer equipment, it is difficult to obtain the entire system data through the main controller,The Shangyun gateway that caused the edge is difficult to collect the entire system data,In the end, it is difficult 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsto achieve cloud -based management based on cloud -based system。

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System requirements
  1. Control function component of the control layer、The SCADA device component and edge computing application equipment of the monitoring layer are integrated into a platform,No need to purchase additional industrial control or gateways to achieve the purpose of reducing the number of equipment and purchasing costs。
  2. Provide unified data collection、Show、Visit Service,Support edge computing application and data on the data。
Selection reason

Dongtu Technology provides a gas station monitoring system solution with industrial server as the core。      

Taking Dongtu Industrial Server as the core, the entire control layer andThe monitoring layer business integrates to an industrial server platform。Industrial Server pre-installed Intewell-H industrial Internet edge operating system with high-time virtualization characteristics,Provided several real -time system execution of virtual PLC control tasks and a non -real -time system execution of SCADA tasks and edge computing tasks。

Dongtu Technology provides completely independent research and development、MAView, an industrial control programming platform that meets IEC61131-3,To support engineers to perform virtual PLC control programming。Maview supports common IEC61131-3 programming language,Support graphic drag -and -drooling programming,Supporting virtualization configuration of industrial servers。
Intewell-H's non-real-time system pre-installed Kyscada Euro Football results 2024application,The integrated station control system through Kyscada's database includes virtual PLC and other non -PLC data collection and storage,Unified data access interface。

Intewell-H provides open programming ecology。Non -real -time system supports common Windows/Linux,Provide development software that supports C/C ++ for operating systems to support users in depth development and application,Kyscada database provides data read and write API,Support customers to develop data based on applications、Predictive maintenance、Energy -saving strategy and other edge calculation applications。
Industrial server provides rich interfaces and protocols。Integrated common Modbus RTU,MODBUS TCP, Canopen,Ethercat, mqtt and other protocols,Easily connect with various special equipment at the scene。Non -real -time system provides the Kygate protocol gateway,The industrial server can be achieved through Kygate.。Gate application to support customers,Realize the cloud platform of industrial server docking customers。 


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A industrial server replaced the PLC controller of the traditional solution,SCADA server,Operator Station Industrial Control Machine,Engineer Station Industrial Control Machine,Edge Calculation Industrial Control Machine, Multiple equipment of the edge network barrier,It is expected that equipment procurement costs can be reduced by about 40%,Euro Football results 2024The entire monitoring system covers an area of ​​about 80%,System equipment power consumption energy is reduced by about 40%。
Due to the decrease in the number of equipment,Equipment inter -cable、Lowing communication cable,The equipment installation construction cycle can be shortened by about 60%。
Traditional scheme its PLC、scada、Edge computing equipment is often provided by different manufacturers,Party A needs to arrange for providing several operation and dimension engineers to be responsible for different majors,Docking with different manufacturers,Monitoring system using the East Land Plan,can greatly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance and communication,Reduce the number of operation and maintenance engineers,It is expected that the overall operation and maintenance cost can save about 50%。


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