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Robot teaching application solution
Robot teaching application solution

       With artificial intelligence technology、Development of related technologies such as computer technology,Smart robot、More and more research on CNC machine tools。In the field of education,Many colleges have opened robotics among students、related courses in automation control。To satisfy robotics、Factory automation work unit control and other aspects of the requirements of curriculum teaching demonstration and experimental teaching needs,Our company combines robot manufacturers to build a robot teaching system based on industrial server。  

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System requirements

       European Cup Football Predictions ngayonSimulation application of the existing CNC machine tool、Robot simulation application、PLC programming application、PLC controller application、OPC communication and other non -real -time、Real -time business integrates on a platform,Software definition method,Provide robots、CNC Airport、PLC and other applications,and display on a interface,Easy to operate students、Learning。

Selection reason

​       Dongtu solution will use the entire teaching simulation system as the industrial server as the core,European Cup Football Predictions ngayonSimulation application of multiple CNC machines、Robot simulation application、PLC programming application、PLC controller application integrated into an industrial server physical device,Through common bus、Communication protocol connection remote IO module,Control robot I/O operating box,and feedback the status data of PLC to the robot simulation application。

       Where,Intewell operating system on the industrial server,The equipment is divided into one real -time core and multiple non -real -time cores by virtualization,Real European football results today-time core running PLC controller application,Non -real -time nuclear operating control machine tool European Cup Football Predictions ngayonSimulation application、Robot simulation application、PLC programming application and other software,Virtualization supports graphics card transparency at the same time,Support screen segmentation as multiple small windows,It is convenient for users to lay multiple applications in one screen,Therefore, one device completes the tasks completed by multiple high -performance industrial control machines and one controller.,Achieve the integrated display of teaching equipment and a reduction in cost。


User value:

  1. Industrial server implementation operating multiple European Cup Football Predictions ngayonSimulation applications as PLC controller on the same physical hardware,Equipment space and cost that saves teaching hardware。
  2. solved the technical problem that existing simulation software cannot install multiple sets on the same device。
  3. IO module is deployed by remote IO,Simplified internal wiring of teaching hardware。
Product List
Application case
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