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Discrete manufacturing solutions
Discrete manufacturing solutions

       Traditional automation pyramid model is a typical architecture in the industrial field,Including on -site European football results todaylayers、Control layer、The four -layer architecture of the operating layer to the management。Information technology in the model (IT,Including MES,ERP,SAP, etc.) and operating technology (OT,Mainly refers to the control system) to separate and run independently,The control system is all closed or semi -closed。This structure that is separated from the OT and OT will form a data island,Difficulties in information integration and interoperability,IT instructions are difficult to control the system,IT layer is also difficult to obtain and process big data。Industrial Internet requires new flexibility、Efficient architecture to solve the above problems。The scheme is defined by software as the core concept,Based on unified, open and flexible platform architecture for multiple industrial application scenarios,Achieved vertical opening from IT to OT,Horizontal collaboration between IT systems,Data driver from OT to IT。


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System requirements

Realize the vertical opening of the factory from IT to OT,Horizontal collaboration between IT systems,Data driver from OT to IT。

  1. Factory realizes the environment of the plant area、Production process、Concentrated monitoring and management in the factory equipment。
  2. In the workshop,Realize the whole process to get through,upstream and downstream system collaboration,Flexible production,Quality traceability。
  3. The cost control of the production line deployment is flexible and efficient.
  4. Work task、Improve visualization,Improve visualization。
Selection reason

Taking the INTEWELL Industrial Internet Operating System as the core,Create software definition production process、Software definition European Cup Football Predictions ngayoncontrol system network collaborative smart factory,From the park to the workshop、to the production line、Flexible intelligenceEuropean football results today

Smart Park-kyvistaAchieving panoramic visualization

        Panorama visualization will be managed by the park、Production process、Equipment in the factory、Factory energy consumption and other systems through 3D visualized centralized monitoring and management。Real -time collection of various sensor data analysis and display through LORA technology and integrate access control monitoring system、Video monitoring system、Anti -theft alarm system,Realize the convergence of resources in the park、Coordination and linkage of cross -departments,Improve the effect and efficiency of the management of the park。The collection elements include the geomagnetic sensor of the parking space、Anti -theft sensor、Garbage is full of sensors、Smoke sensation、Temperature、Water Quality Monitoring、Smart street lights, etc.。

                                                                                  Factory 3D panoramic visualization                                                                   All factor data collection

Test file-kymomRealize the entire process opening, production collaboration and process optimization

       The KYMOM system based on the cloud platform establishs BOM through the eight major functional modules、Process file、Test file、Material、Inventory、Personnel、Equipment、Order and other information models,Smart schedule based on software definition process and production plan、Resource Management、Equipment management、Material Management、Quality Management、​​Management of production process management,Create the production data of various aspects of the factory,Use the production process of target products,2024 European Cup PredictionsIncluding process parameters、progress、Quality、Energy Consumption、Inventory and other indicators for real -time monitoring and analysis,Timely adjust the process parameters and production plans,Efficiency in the manufacturing process、Quality、Cost、Continuous optimization of energy efficiency。

                                                                                                                         Free construction of business models that meet the factory

Software definition process process processing product technology flexible design

 Intelligent schedule based on human -machine ingredients


Smart production line-Industrial server implementation software definition control

       Software definition control industrial server,By pre-installed Intewell-H operating system,Virtual into multiple real -time systems and non -real -time systems,Real -time system and non -real -time system isolation,Integrated edge calculation、Process control、Sport control、Machine vision、Simulation simulation、Artificial intelligence and other businesses。

       In an industrial switch automatic assembly line,Use an industrial server to run 13 PLC kernels on the spot、1 kernel runs real -time database and data on data,Completed the electrical control of the production line、Robotic arm scheduling、Right -angle coordinate robotic arm movement control、On -site data collection、Agreement conversion to cloud。

      Industrial server connection high -speed sports area、Low -speed control zone、Data collection area,At the same time,Operating real -time database and equipment management Agent,Data on the cloud,Implement the upload and issuing of the Kymom instructions (AHM)。

  Smart Stations-Kymom realizes the task direct

       kymom based on software -based definition architecture,Operation guidance book directly generates with product definition,Directly reach the station with the task,Point into the task,visible visualized operation guidance letter,and scan the correctness of the material by scanning the material union,Realize the production record of the work order at the same time (person、Time、Material、Equipment used、Use quantity、Batch)。

                                                                                Mission Direct to the terminal workshop operation desk                                                               Visual operation guidance letter





User value

  1. One industrial server completes the traditional solution of more than ten PLC controller、Control tasks completed by the sports controller、IPC completed RFID collection and data completed by protocol gateways。Great saving equipment procurement cost。Convenient extension,Can be flexibly access to other equipment;
  2. Software definition process,Simulation verification process feasibility,Save cost investment,Implement flexible production;
  3. Through intelligent schedule,Reasonable arrangement and adjustment of the production plan of products,Provide delivery accuracy,Improve production efficiency;
  4. Semi -finished product、Production process of finished products positive and reverse traceability,Improve quality traceability,Early prevention of problems;
  5. Visualized production process、Digital statements and view boards,Can master the workshop situation in real time,Can better auxiliary decisions。


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