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Lora Wireless IoT solution
Lora Wireless IoT solution

Low power consumption wide area network (LPWAN, Lora is one of them) communication technology is an emerging Internet of Things communication technology,Have a long Euro Football results 2024distance、The characteristics of ultra -low power consumption and low cost。Ubilink Internet of Things Cloud Platform focuses on turning LORA technology and communication modules、Many technologies and products such as the Internet of Things cloud platform and big data processing,Create a comprehensive solution from a perceptual layer to the application layer for multiple intelligent applications,Provide city level、Regional level、Enterprise -level and personal consumer IoT operation support platform products and services。

Platform Features

Open cloud+end application development framework
Agile and efficient development tool support
Security and stable IoT operation support platform
Integrated industry application solutions for software and hardware products

Application scenario

Smart City Management、Smart meter copy、Comprehensive surveillance of urban waste、Urban pollution sources and danger sources European football results todaymonitoring、Public asset anti -theft positioning monitoring、Urban Underground Pipe Network Monitoring, etc.

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System requirements
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Product List
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