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Urban Emergency Command System
Urban Emergency Command System

Integrated fusion of a unified communication command platform with a generalization platform design、Intelligent business processing、Service function guarantee、Features of the deployment of flat architecture,Solve the many compatible interconnection between the system in the command system、Tree -shaped architecture anti -destruction ability is weak、Business organizations are not flexible、Dynamic network adjustment is not convenient to adjust and other problems,Meet emergency command、Battle Reserve Dights、Training exercise、Requirements for situation monitoring。

Integrated decision -making integration: layered grading command,Adapt to the communication 2024 European Cup Predictionsmode of the low -bandwidth war,Log in with domain,With command mode,Temporary group combat mode,The command system of trio,Build target analysis in complex environments,Situation prediction and simulation ability,Support rule -based model self -optimization,Provides a strong guarantee for decision -making。

Integrated business integration: large screen three -dimensional GIS comprehensive presentation,Effective integration of geographical space and cyber space,Time series evolution,Command and trend real -time fusion,With the situation of the situation system implementation、Call terminal,The function of the trend graphics push,Implement & ldquo;、Hoh Luming、It needs to get & rdquo;。

Integrated information data fusion: Provide standardized interface implementation with the military and ground command system,Support data fusion and information cross -link,Joint Command,Multi -business real -time exchange,Fusion communication,Voice、Video、Text、Data hybrid exchange transfer。

Integrated resource integration: Comprehensive space situation,Satellite radar Shengna、Euro Football results 2024Meteorological Information、Enemies and me equipment、Video Command、Public opinion、Predictive integrated system,Computer、Mobile terminals Multiple ways to present,Realize the comprehensive acquisition of all -factor resource information,Fusion treatment、Unified distribution and display on demand。

Integrated network integration: cloud service architecture,Big Data Platform,Unified Platform,Data -centered,Implementing a fixed network,Satellite Network,4G network and other network channel carrying,Complete adaptive transmission of switching。


Command business Basic command、Plan Command and Corporation、Roaming command、With command、Multi -group command、A belonging and belonging to command、Video Conference、Video monitoring
Control System Command Hall General Duty Team Lien Control System、seats showing control centralized management system
Monitoring business Fusion video surveillance system、security warning alarm system、Video analysis、Staff recognition、Vehicle recognition system, etc.
operation and maintenance function System operation monitoring,Euro Football results 2024Abnormal warning positioning; automatic inspection of the device,Failure intelligent investigation; business operation monitoring,Important task guarantee; graphic user interface,Suitable use for operation
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Product List
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