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Euro Football results 2024Smart traffic "edge cloud brain" solution
Euro Football results 2024Smart traffic "edge cloud brain" solution

Dongtu Technology launched & ldquo; smart transportation & lsquo; edge cloud brain & rsquo; solution & rdquo;,Build a distributed edge cloud brain based on intelligent traffic edge server,Realize the entire network calculation+software definition traffic control。Collect information through the information、Treatment、Published、exchange、Analysis、Use,Focus on real -time、Short cycle data intelligent analysis,Use edge calculation、decentralization、Blockchain、Transportation adaptive algorithm、Two -Lord Ethernet bus and other technologies,Can achieve synergy control of traffic signals at the same time、Event driver control、Traffic Information Service、Diversified services such as auxiliary decisions,At the same time, you can load various third -party applications and different scene plans。


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(1) Improve traffic control efficiency

Based on network -based calculation model,The first dynamic calculation unit & rdquo;,The entire network clock synchronization of the microsecond -level level and the computing and collaborative control of the entire network。Decisions at each intersection are associated with the surrounding intersection 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsinformation and decision -making,Upgrade the traditional central computing and control model,Use edge computing and decentralization technology,Establish a virtual center of the edge cloud net,According to traffic operation status,Taking the blocking point as the center,Realize the dynamic collaborative control of the entire network。At the same time,From manual adjustment to machine learning,The traffic control process has also changed huge changes,Once the traffic optimization strategy and target is set,The edge cloud brain can automatically generate the best solution that meets real -time traffic flow,Real -time supervision of the full system and full element operation status,Real -time control and closed -loop control。



(2) Reduce construction difficulty and maintenance costs

Based on the two -line Ethernet bus technology,It can be transmitted by energy supply and network data on a cable at the same time,Realize the intelligent and IP -based interconnection of the peripheral equipment of the traffic site,Building Ethernet as a traffic perception、Traffic Control site network。In terms of construction and operation and maintenance,More and more lines are solved、The wiring is getting more and more chaotic、Difficult to locate problems such as failure,Reduce construction difficulty and operation and maintenance costs。At the same time 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsIP access intelligent device,Realize multi -network fusion。




(3) Adapt to future car and road collaborative development

The edge cloud brain system has V2X vehicle road collaboration function,Hoursis High Performance Treatment Capability Implementation Road Network Information Comprehensive Decision、Car-Road information real-time interaction。Industrial -grade network bus has a complete network and data security mechanism,Safe car-road information interaction security、Real -time、Reliable。



(4) In line with the needs of future smart cities

& ldquo; The edge cloud brain & rdquo; solution can not only manage urban transportation,It can also expand various applications based on artificial intelligence,Extension from traffic management to smart city governance,Serving the Urban IoT Access、Control of the key scene area、Vehicle staff positioning tracking、Urban public safety、Traffic Emergency Command and other smart cities run。Future & ldquo; edge cloud brain & rdquo; will become the basic unit of smart cities,Being a platform for software definition urban functions,Help city managers embrace unmanned driving、new opportunities brought by new technologies such as all things。


2. Cost advantage

Hoursis Server Intelligent Transportation Frontier Server is an integrated access、Calculation、Storage、Network、Safety、Integrated product of service,Realize European football results todayregional adaptive control at the edge,No need to send a plan under the central platform,At the same time, the product comes with an industrial -grade switch,It can save the central control platform and deployment server、Central computer room、Command Center、Intersection to central communication、Road network switches and other construction costs,Take five intersections as an example,Construction costs are a quarter of the traditional construction model。


3. Application case

The product has been in Nansha, Guangzhou、Hubei Yichang、Beijing Shijingshan and Haidian and other provinces and cities have been applied。Realized adaptation of the intersection、Two -way green waves、Lineup overflow、Special Service Control and other functions。




Use effect:

Moving efficiency of vehicle traffic: 5-10%

The speed of the road section increases: 6-17%

Signal control delay decrease: 20%

Average number of parking times in the intersection: 30%

Traffic congestion index decreases average: 10%





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