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Edge server solution
Edge server solution

1. Introduction to edge calculation 

& ldquo; Cloud border fusion & rdquo; use a distributed computing architecture,Through the unified configuration of cloud and marginal resources、Management、Schedule,Blending edge calculation agility and cloud big data computing overall advantages。
The edge computing platform is a computing platform composed of the edge calculation server,so that data analysis can obtain more high -quality network traffic and real -time analysis effect,to reduce the cost of system operation。The edge computing platform includes two parts: edge computing Euro Football results 2024server and edge connection management。Among them, the edge computing server is deployed on the edge,Provide a processing analysis of the equipment on the edge grid side。The edge connection manager runs on the cloud platform,Real -time data from the multi -dimensional data source through the edge connection protocol, Input as a trained model algorithm,The model algorithm of cloud training is distributed to the edge calculation server,Provide the control of the edge server。
2. Edge calculation architecture

3. Advantages of edge calculation scheme
Provide the Internet of Things Gatement based on the industrial Internet operating system、Configuration、visualization、Mutual operation function;
Equipment integration、Standardization (Integrated Calculation、Storage、Wired communication、Wireless Communication、Real -time control、Internet of Things、Internet of car、Artificial Intelligence Engine)
Full distributed deployment, improve reliability
Outdoor distribution, there is no special requirements for the environment, saving machine room space
Real -time control nearby, meet the high -time accuracy Euro Football results 2024appeal of the Internet of the Internet
All solutions are autonomous and controllable,Equipment、Operating System、Application software
4. The edge server product form in different scenarios
Product Features:
& bull; Modern design,Select the business module according to the demand of on -site business;
& Bull; Autonomous controlled Intewell edge computing operating system;
& Bull; Outdoor environment adaptability (working temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃,No fan cooling design,Industrial -grade EMC protection,IP41 protection level)
5. Edge calculation application scenarios
Edge calculation is widely used in smart transportation、Internet of Things access、Urban public safety、Emergency command and other scenarios。

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