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Smart Grid control management server
Smart Grid control management server
1. Power server: Implement integrated information monitoring platform,Collection of the entire site monitor、Sequence control、Anti -error lock、Status monitoring、Security management functions; at the same time,Based on positive isolation technology,Establish a cloud sharing platform for operation and status monitoring information,Provide technical support for intelligent operation and maintenance。
2. Two power servers realize the main/parallel method redundant,Easy to check the backup of transportation inspection
3. Failure recording wave and network analyzer as the monitoring and post -analysis of the entire system
European football results today4. The remaining auxiliary equipment such as communication gateways is not included in
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System requirements
1. Integrated optimization design,Solve the secondary equipment of the 110/35KV substation.
2. In line with protection & rdquo; & ldquo; quadruple & rdquo; some protection system requirements
3. Improve the rationality of the structure layout of the digital substation system
4. Reduce digital transformation stations to switches、Synchronous time dependencies
5. Increasing equipment status visualization、Auxiliary decision -making and other advanced functional application levels
6. Support big data, big luck and major maintenance construction.
Selection reason
1. Highly integrated: communication from multiple devices to board -level communication,Reduce the fault point brought by the device grade and line
2. Hardware reliability: IP40 protection level,Hardware satisfaction type test requirements
3. In software design,Unlocked Coupling,All function isolation operation,The interface is separated by permissions,Compliance with the State Grid standard。
4. Integrated integrated intellectual unit,Direct 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsconnection through the fiber optic network to the Lord、From the server's network interface,To achieve protection、The sampling and control output of measurement and control achieves direct mining and direct connection,Reduce digital substation to switch、Synchronous clock dependencies。
5. The power server meets the whole machine replacement of the system,Realize the unified modeling configuration of the whole site、One -click test,Alternative existing maintenance mode,Short the on -site maintenance time,improved system deployment、Maintenance and transformation efficiency,Reduce the on -site power outage time,Reduce the on -site power outage time。
6. Dual server mode: parallel+main reserve
7. Self -study of chips, safe integration
Product List
Application case