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Oil and gas field mining automation network solution
Oil and gas field mining automation network solution

Intelligent digital oil and gas field construction needs to build a safety、Efficient、Reliable automated network,To increase the production of oilfields、Strengthen the production process control、Auxiliary production management, etc.。Transfer network and wireless transmission network through wired optical fiber,Realizing the oil and gas field wells、Measurement room、Collection station、United Station、Production data between the processing plant、Equipment status Euro Football results 2024information real -time transmission、Share。and can carry out centralized management and control at the production command center and production control center of the operating area。Since the network system carries video surveillance、Collection data and control data,So,A high bandwidth,With excellent redundancy、Safety、The backbone network of real -time and reliability becomes the main demand for oil field automation。

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System requirements

Euro Football results 2024Communication network meets industrial design standards,Can achieve security in a harsh environment、Reliable、Stable operation
& middot;High -bandwidth backbone network,Can transmit videos at the same time、Audio and business data such as large flow IP data
& middot;Support redundant self -healing function,Fast recovery when the network fails
& middot;Security network, protect monitoring is not affected by malicious attacks
& middot;Have strong network management capabilities,Support fast network failure diagnosis,Make sure the system runs smoothly

European Cup Football Predictions ngayonSelection reason

& middot;High -performance full Gigabit three -layer industrial Ethernet products,It can form a redundant twin ring net,Provide a stable transparent channel through the Gigabit backbone transmission link,Real -time data collection、Data transmission of video and audio
& middot;Support IEC62439-6/DRP,Achieve fast self -healing within 20ms,Network self -healing time has nothing to do with the number of network nodes,Provide high reliability and scalability of the network
& middot;Provide a variety of network management solutions,Realize remote equipment monitoring and maintenance,Simple、Real -time user interface can easily achieve remote management for users
& middot;Industrial -grade design,Improve the reliability of the system,Provide independent dual redundant protection power input,-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ Wide temperature

Product List
Application case