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photovoltaic network solution
photovoltaic network solution

The photovoltaic industry is also called the solar industry,Even using solar -level semiconductor electronic devices to absorb solar radiation energy,and the industry that converts it into electrical energy。Solar energy as the most potential renewable energy,Unlimited due to its reserves,Existing universality,Cleanability and practical economy used,More and more favored by people。Vigorously develop the photovoltaic industry, Actively develop solar energy,Global attention is given unprecedentedly,It has become an important part of the sustainable development strategy of various countries。Photovoltaic Power Station is mainly used by photovoltaic battery array,Converted Box,Low -pressure DC cabinet,Reverse European football results todaycabinet,AC low -pressure cabinet,Bigram transformers, etc.,The final high -voltage current generated merged into the grid。

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System requirements

Photovoltaic power generation monitoring system to battery array in photovoltaic power stations、 Converted Box、inverter、DC power distribution cabinet、Solar tracking control system and other equipment for real -time monitoring and control,To master the operation of the power station,Ensure that the solar photovoltaic power generation system is completely reliable and stable to run。
This system requires:
& middot; adapt to the harsh geographical climate environment of photovoltaic power plants
& middot; Effective defense of photovoltaic power generation EMI/EMS interference
& middot; strict MTBF failure work time
& middot; Comprehensive NMS system for overall monitoring
& middot; strong support for the ring topology network
& middot; enough bandwidth to meet the video surveillance business
& middot; complete the data collection function through the data gateway,Collect the inverter、Data information of a variety of smart terminal devices such as exchange boxes
& middot;

Selection reason

& middot; Fanless design,EMC level 4,Work temperature -40 ℃ to 85 ℃, IP40 protection level
European Cup Football Predictions ngayon& middot; at least 300,000 hours without failure working time,Support the one -click recovery function
& middot; low power design
& middot; provides NMS software (Kyvision),Realize network topology management、Equipment fault alarm、Link failure alarm,Convenient and fast detection and fault diagnosis
& middot; Support IEC62439-6/DRP,Provide a circular network failure self -healing time for 20ms
& middot; support Gigabit interface,up to 28 -port rack -type products and card rail products that support high -voltage power supply
& middot; Intelligent chemical industry -grade DG communication gateway,Various types of protocol communication equipment including IEC61850 communication standards support the original data information collection,and summarize all the data and information after processing it with a unified standard network communication protocol,such as IEC61850-8-1 (MMS),IEC60870-5-104,Modbus Over TCP/IP,DNP3.0 Over TCP/IP, etc. Data exchange with the station control layer system
& middot; product of integrated serial port server,Provide the conversion function of serial to Ethernet
& middot; Exactly the precise clock synchronization server supports NTP、IEEE1588 2024 European Cup Predictionsand other clock synchronization protocols
& middot; Intelligent monitoring system software realizes remote monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems

Product List
Application case