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Power distribution automation network solution
Power distribution automation network solution

Power distribution automation is an important part of the smart grid,It uses modern electrical technology、Communication Technology、Computer and network technology,Real -time information of integrated power distribution network、offline information、User information、Power grid structure parameters、Geographical Information,constitute a complete automation management system,Realize the normal operation of the power distribution system and detect in the case of accident、Protection、Control and power distribution management。It is important to improving the efficiency of the power grid operation and the reliability of the system,Help reduce the power interruption time and frequency,Accelerate power supply recovery time,Reduce operating costs,Enhance the use and protection of assets。

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System requirements

& Bull; Most of the communication equipment is installed in the outdoor environment,Requires the device to have the ability to adapt to the environment of different regions,High temperature / low temperature start and run、moisture European football results today-proof、dustproof,and need to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility in the power industry
& Bull; City -level core and backbone networks need to provide routing functions,Realize regional division and interoperability,and effectively use IP address resources
& Bull; The communication system needs to provide fault isolation and fast recovery function
& Bull;、Remote control、Remote Vision、Remote adjustment and other types of business,Different business types have different requirements for real -time nature,The communication system needs to provide QOS service,In the project of the SDH system,It can be considered to provide independent channels for different business data
& Bull; The communication equipment is installed in an open environment,Need to improve sufficient safety performance,To prevent illegal invasion and destruction
& Bull; The communication equipment needs to meet the access of different interface equipment
& Bull; Large amount of equipment,You need to provide effective management platform,Real time to realize the communication system、Convenient management
& Bull; Easy to build、Maintenance (MTTR) and extension
& Bull; The communication network should be easy to expand,and does not affect the existing network structure

Selection reason

& Bull; The complete network solution,Based on the three -layer and second -level industrial Ethernet equipment to build a clear communication system with a clear level of structure
& Bull;,Build a ring -shaped access layer network,Use the DT-Ring/DRP protocol 2024 European Cup Predictionsto achieve redundancy,millisecond failure recovery time
& Bull; The branch node adopts DHP protocol,Access with Dual Homing, Provide redundant communication channels,Provide millisecond -level failure recovery time。Flexible access method,Easy to expand
& Bull; Support VLAN -based redundant protocol,It can build an independent redundant network according to the business type,Provide independent communication channels for different businesses
& Bull; Device supports SSH/SSL/SNMPV3/IEEE802.3X/TACACS+/Radius/ACL and other management、Safety functions in access and data filtration,Effective prevention of illegal invasion and controlling the effectiveness of data in the communication system
& Bull; The card rail switch that supports integrated programmable serial server functions,Provide RS232/485/422 access , Support multiple power supply (24DC/48DC/110DC/220AC/DC) input
& Bull; Provide a graphical management platform,Kyvision special network management software,Realize effective management of equipment on the entire network
& bull; Wide -range working temperature,Special heat dissipation design,Make the device stable work at -40 ~ 85 ℃ Environment。At the same time, meet the protection level of IP40 and above,Have strong dustproof ability
& Bull; EMC level 4 electromagnetic antibody,It can adapt to the unique application environment of the power industry
Euro Football results 2024& Bull; DG-P series intelligent communication gateway supports a variety of regulations for communication conversion and the latest IEC 61850 communication standard
& Bull; DG-D60 FTU supports various types of upper circuit breakers、ring network switch application,Support IEC60870-5-101/104 and DNP3.0,You can via GPRS、Remote maintenance management of optical mouth and wireless communication

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