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IEC61850 smart substation solution
IEC61850 smart substation solution

Digital/Intelligent Transformer Power Station is the intelligent primary device and networked secondary device in IEC  61850 communication protocol,Can realize the modern transformer station of information sharing and interoperability between intelligent electrical equipment in the substation。Reliable and intelligent communication networks are the key factor for successful power stations when the successful transmission and distribution power of large areas。Due to the requirements of the special environment and automation system of the substation,The communication network in the automation system automation system must have a fast real -time response ability,Extremely reliable reliability,Excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance and high safety。

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System requirements

& middot; IEC61850 substation in the process layer uses SV sampling value to replace 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsthe original hard connection,SV traffic will reach hundreds of trillion,and require synchronous sampling
& middot; from the occurrence of failure to the movement of the smart terminal,Requirements to be completed within 4ms
& middot; Requires the network system to have long -term zero packet loss characteristics
& middot; synchronous sampling method,Requires the network system to provide accurate clock synchronization methods
& middot; specific EMC and temperature characteristics in the power industry

Selection reason

IEC61850-3 Industrial Ethernet Exchange Machine Dongtu solution:  
∙ Provide a variety of products,Including 19 -inch 1U modular rack equipment,up to 28 interfaces,Support high voltage input card rail products
∙ 符 IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613,Through State Grid Class A test,Security test,KEMA test
∙ Support NTP,Accurate Time synchronization protocol IEEEE1588V2,ITU-T.G.8261/G.8262 (synchronous Ethernet)
∙ Support multiple redundant protocols: IEC 62439-3 (HSR / PRP),IEC 62439-6 (DRP),DT-Ring,RSTP
∙ GPT multi -business platform,Support data exchange,Support GPS/IRIG-B clock synchronization module
∙ Equipment built -in MMS server supports device management based on IEC61850 data modeling
∙ SICOM3005A product integration data exchange and serial port server,Support traditional RS232/485/422 serial communication

Smart Communication Network Kanto Tu solution:
European football results today∙ Smart gateway products support traditional ied,data collection of IEC61850 IED,Support Ethernet and serial interface
∙ Smart gateway is easy to configure,Support the introduction of standard CID files in the integrated configuration tool for configuration
∙ Support multiple power rules: IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-102 (Master), IEC60870-5-103 (Master & SLAVE),IEC60807-5-104 (Master & SLAVE),MODBUS (Master & SLAVE -RTU/TCP),DNP 3.0 (Master & SLAVE -Serial/Over TCP/IP),SEL (Master -Fast Meter/Ser),Areva (Master -Courier)
∙ Support IEC61850 BRCB and URCB reports,GOOSE subscription,MMS file transmission and other applications

Accurate Clock Synchronous East Land Solution:
∙ Support end to end clock synchronous solution,Provide clock server,IEEE1588V2 Ethernet switch,clock tester,clock tester
∙ High precision time server,The time accuracy can reach & plusmn; 100ns,Support multiple satellite system Reference Source: GPS,Glonass,bd
∙ Support multiple clock reference sources stable switching through the clock source selection algorithm,Keep precision in & plusmn; 200ns
∙ Support multiple optional crystal,Holdover performance can reach 1us/1H
∙ Support IEEE1588 converted to Irig-B,Later to compatible
∙ Reliable multiple source selection algorithms and time -specific performance
2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictions∙ Clock server supports multiple management agreements to choose from: MMS/IEC60870-5-104/SNMP
∙C37.238 Power Pro Le

Product List
Application case