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Big data analysis solution
Big data analysis solution
Big data analysis solution
I. User portrait analysis platform
Use big data packaging technology,The form of open interface and standardized services,Provide data operation services outside,Through the second processing and de -privacy of the original data,Form accurate user portrait data,Provide services such as big data value monetization within the scope of the law。
two, User behavior analysis platform
Big data processing platform based on the Hadoop/Spark Euro Football results 2024architecture,Related data collected by the data collection platform,Analysis of user -related behaviors、Cluster、Summary、Statistics,Finally formed user location recognition、Browse method recognition、terminal recognition、app recognition、Search recognition、Action recognition。
3, Data mining analysis platform
Suitable for any application scenario,From personal data to Internet data,You can flexibly adjust the analysis model according to business needs,Multi -dimensional integration data,Label data to complete the portrait,Enhance the data itself。
Four, ​​Data operation service platform
Data labeling determines the demand data type by selecting the data label,At the same time, in order to ensure the security and privacy of the data,Use API data interface,Transfer the data to the address specified by the user。
Five, Location Operation Service Platform
Multi -scene application module,Monitoring of real -time and historical population European Cup Football Predictions ngayonin the region,Analysis of the place of residence in workplace、Regional population flow analysis、Analysis of user characteristics of various scenarios such as the shopping mall community of the scenic area。
6. Industry Application Service Platform
Serving the government and enterprises,Package of rich experience in the field of big data,At the same time, have professional talent strength,For different industries、Applications in different fields,Make precise decisions for the management and development of the government and enterprises。
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