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Automation of production of water purification plant
Automation of production of water purification plant

The water purification plant is closely related to the people's life,Its automation system consists of various collection control equipment,Complete real -time data collection of the scene,Send to the SCADA system of the control center and store it in the industrial historical database。Control Center to achieve unified status monitoring、Data collection、Fault alarm。

2024 European Cup PredictionsTop Turks
2024 European Cup Predictions
System requirements

Highly stable Ethernet Construction of Data Communication Platform
High bandwidth, can transmit production data and video data
Provide high -efficiency redundant networks for various production areas and on -site equipment
Convenient network management and diagnostic function
Industrial -grade equipment, support wide temperature, suitable for industrial environment
Equipment to meet the production links of the water purification plant,such as PLC,Camera and other access

Selection reason

Industrial -grade rack type or card rail type two -layer management switch,Card rail type two -layer non -network pipe -type switch,Super long -lost work time,Suitable for adding medicine/plus chlorine room,Back pump rooms and other places
Gigabit network, support real -time data collection and video data transmission
Support IEC62439-6/DRP,DT-Ring,RSTP and other network redundancy functions,Provide a ring fault recovery time with the fastest less than 20ms
Support NMS system,Kyvision provides convenient and reliable network status monitoring and fault checking functions
EMC level 3 or above,European Cup Football Predictions ngayonIP30 or above protection level,Wide temperature -40 ~ 75 ℃,redundant power design
Industrial -grade embedded computer,Meet the serial port equipment、di/do connection,Provide data processing and protocol conversion function

Product List
Application case