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Comprehensive coal monitoring
Comprehensive coal monitoring

Comprehensive coal monitoring system includes industrial television systems、Personnel Positioning System、Electricity scaDa system、Safety monitoring system、Broadcast system, etc.。

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System requirements

The environment of the underground operating area is harsh, and the equipment needs to be stable and reliable to run
Euro Football results 2024Underground equipment requires explosion -proof safety characteristics,Low power consumption,Meeting the flammable and explosive environment requirements under the well
Reliable redundant network, you can quickly recover when the failure occurs
enough bandwidth to meet the requirements of video data transmission
Convenient network management and diagnostic function
Full types of terminal equipment,You need to provide a rich port access method,Rulin,Ethernet port,I/O et al.

Selection reason

Industrial -grade design,No fan,Wide temperature work,Super long -failed working hours
Essential safety design,Low operating power consumption,Meeting the combustible and explosive environment requirements of the coal industry
Support IEC62439-6/DRP,DT-Ring,RSTP and other network redundant functions,Provide a ring fault recovery time with the fastest cyber fault recovery
Gigabit network, provide enough data bandwidth
Support NMS system,Kyvision provides convenient and reliable network status monitoring and fault checking functions
Core three -layer Gigabit Switch,Provide interconnect 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsand routing functions between different networks
Industrial -grade embedded computer,Provide serial port、di/do、Can and wireless access ability,Provide data processing and protocol conversion functions

Product List
Application case