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Auto Manufacturing Management
Auto Manufacturing Management

In a modern automotive manufacturing system,Passenger stamping、Welding installation、painting、After the process and other process steps,Each parts are assembled into a brand new car,Various automated equipment replaced artificially,And people only need to monitor everything European football results todaythat occur on the assembly line in the control center。

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System requirements

Reliable and stable network equipment,Monitor the stable monitoring of the car manufacturing process
Limit the installation space of the equipment
Network redundant backup ability, quickly recover after the failure
Industrial -grade design, suitable for the car production line environment
Convenient equipment fault positioning, status display, management function
Meet the production line including PLC,Access requirements for various terminal devices such as cameras

Selection reason

Industrial -grade card rail management switch,Super long -lost work time,Construct a stable and reliable communication network
Support IEC62439-6/DRP,DT-Ring,RSTP and other network redundant functions,Provide a ring fault recovery time with the fastest cyber fault recovery
EMC level 3 or above,IP30 or above protection level,Fanless design,Wide temperature work
Kyvision provides convenient and reliable network status monitoring and fault checking functions
Industrial -grade embedded computer,Support serial port、di/do, etc.,Provide Euro Football results 2024access and control functions for terminal equipment

Product List
Application Case