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Maritime mining platform network solution
Maritime mining platform network solution

Sea oil and gas mining fixed facilities for a long time work in bad、In a complex marine environment, Bone waves、 Corrosion、 Flush、 The effects of fatigue and other unfavorable factors,Real -time systems that need to be stable and reliable、Uninterrupted monitoring its running status,The network system as the basic communication facility of the monitoring system,You need to provide stable data transmission European Cup Football Predictions ngayonservices in the same environment,The network equipment should have at a wide temperature、Corrosion、The ability of long -term stable work in the vibration environment,is scada、Video、Voice and other multi -business systems provide high -performance communication support。

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System requirements

European football results todayHigh -efficiency and reliable industrial backbone network, Implementing SCADA、DCS and other system remote control and real -time monitoring
& middot;Ukraine optical cables through platforms,Establish a reliable local data communication network,Realize uninterrupted remote data transmission
& middot;Quick network redundant ability, improve system availability
& middot;Flexible networking,The effect of adapting to the changes in network structure after the platform transfer。
& middot;Network equipment has high reliability,Can adapt to the harsh marine environment

Selection reason

& middot;Provide a stable and reliable network environment
& middot;Support 10/100MB、1GB、10GB bandwidth,Support optical fiber、Ethernet cable and SFP multiple interfaces,Improve the flexibility of the connection
& middot;Support IEC62439-6/DRP,Provide a network fault recovery time of less than 20ms
& middot;Support the DHP redundant agreement,The network structure is flexible and variable,Single node change,No impact on other nodes in the network
& middot;Device complies with IEC60068-2-6 standard,Meet the demand for vibration of the maritime platform
& middot;Optional three -proof coating,Resistance to sea humidity、The corrosion of the device for the salt and mist environment
& middot;Industrial -grade design,Double -redundant protection power,-40 ~ 85 ℃ Wide temperature,EMC level 4

Product List
Application case