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Railway traction system Electricity SCADA network solution
Railway traction system Electricity SCADA network solution

Train traction power supply system is the basic facility of the train operation。Transformer installed along the track,Euro Football results 2024Open Cabinet,Low -voltage power distribution and control/protection equipment requires real -time monitoring through the power SCADA system to ensure the normal operation of the system。

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System requirements

& Bull; Industrial -grade design guarantee equipment is harsh,The environment of the substation of strong electromagnetic interference is running normally
& Bull; Efficient and reliable network redundant technology
& Bull; Network Management Software,Simplified equipment maintenance and control
& Bull; Rich installation method and power supply method

Selection reason

& bull; conform to IEC61850-3
& Bull; Support the rich ring web redundant protection agreement,such as STP/RSTP,MSTP,DT-RING and IEC62439-6 (DRP)
& Bull; Kyvision3.0 network management software,Provide network surveillance and management functions
& Bull; Standard 19 -inch rack type and card rail type Ethernet switch,Support high -voltage power input

Product List
Application case