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AFC network solution
AFC network solution

Automatic ticket inspection (Automated Fare Collection) The system provides smooth and effective ticket processing support for modern transportation,It generally contains automatic ticket vending machine,Semi -automatic European Cup Football Predictions ngayonticket machine,Automatic ticket checkup and liquidation center。

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System requirements

& Bull; Safe and reliable, low failure rate
& bull; Industrial -grade design,Protection impact,Vibration and extreme working environment
& Bull; Support network redundancy technology,to reduce the impact of the link or node failure on the system
& Bull; Support the high bandwidth connection between the station,Provide route function
& Bull; Support centralized management
& Bull; Support the routing protocol in order to communicate with external networks

Selection reason

& Bull; Fanless design,Dual power supply,No failure working time is greater than 200,000 hours
& Bull; Support-40 ~ 85 ℃ wide temperature work,High EMC protection level
& Bull; Support multiple redundant environmental protection agreements,such as STP/RSTP,MSTP,DT-RING and IEC62439-6 (DRP)
& Bull; Support the three -layer routing protocol,For example, RIP and OSPF
& Bull; Support 3 layer of redundant protocol VRRP

Product List
Application Case