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PIS / PA network solution
PIS / PA network solution

PIS/PAThe accuracy and reliability of the system is an important factor in passenger satisfaction.PIS/PA The system is mainly from the display board,Broadcasting system,Communication network and control center composition of car and ground。

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Euro Football results 2024System requirements

& Bull; Network redundant technology guarantees failure recovery
& Bull; Excellent industrial -grade design to protect impact,Vibration,Electromagnetic interference and instability of vehicle power supply
& Bull; Route and NAT to simplify the vehicle inbound/outbound communication
& Bull; IP automatic allocation of terminal devices
& bull; Network arranging function
& Bull; POE output to low -pressure equipment,For example, a display board
& Bull; Long -distance Ethernet expansion capabilities to achieve rail cabinets

Selection reason

& Bull; Support multiple ring web redundancy protocols,For example, STP/RSTP,MSTP,DT-Ring,IEC62439-6 (DRP)
& Bull;,Support M12 connector
& Bull; Support DHCP,TTDP,R-NAT,RIP,OSPF and static routing function
& Bull; Support IGMP Snooping
& Bull; conform to IEEE802.3AF and IEEE802.3AT standard
& Bull;

Product List
Application case