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IP -based vehicle TCMS network solution
IP -based vehicle TCMS network solution

TCMS system is the core of train control,Carrying many important businesses,For example, traction power,Spare electricity,speed,Location,brake,Door control,Air conditioning,Train status monitoring 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsand analysis。With the popularity of Ethernet technology and maturity,IEC61375 defines IP -based TCMS standards,For example。

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System requirements

& Bull; Excellent industrial -grade design,Able to protect impact,Vibration,Electromagnetic interference and unstable requirements of vehicle power supply
& Bull; POE function can be provided in PIS and other systems
& Bull; Security function to prevent illegal operations
& Bull; Support Railway Nat
& Bull;,Compliance with TTDP standard
& Bull; Automatic allocation of IP IP (DHCP)
& Bull; Ethernet backbone communication is not interrupted when the power supply failure of the bicycle compartment

Selection reason

& Bull; Aquam series is designed for vehicle ETB and ECN applications
& Bull; Support typical three -layer and two -layer functions
& bull;,Support M12 connector
& Bull; up to 9 POE ports,conforms to IEEE802.3AF and IEEE802.3AT
& Bull; Support IEEEEE802.1X,SSH/SSL,TACACS+,Radius and other security functions
& Bull; Support R-NAT (ETBN)
& Bull; Support TTDP
& Bull; Support DHCP server/ client,DHCP OPT.82
European football results today& Bull; Relay Bypass function to prevent communication interruption caused by power supply failure

Product List
Application case