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Public traffic signal system data transmission network solution
Public traffic signal system data transmission network solution

Public transportation system is the most important facility in modern cities,Its signal system is the core of effective control of the train。In the past decades,CBTC (Communication-Based 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsTrain Control) technology is widely used in urban transportation,At the same time, the reliable DCS (Data Communication Subsystem) subsystem has also become the basic requirement。

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System requirements

& Bull; Support Gigabit Fiber Circle Network,Have excellent self -healing function in large -scale networks
& Bull; Support network security function
& Bull; Monitor remote equipment through centralized network management software,Configuration and maintenance
& bull; You can separate security business and non -safety business through three layers of functions

Selection reason

& Bull; Support the working temperature range of -40 to 85 ° C
& Bull;,High EMC level
& Bull; Support multiple ring web redundant protocols,such as STP/RSTP,MSTP, DT-RING and IEC62439-6 (DRP)
& Bull; Unified network management system Kyvision 3.0,Provide network monitoring and management
& Bull; SICOM3028GPT series multi -function platform supports RIP,OSPF and other three -layer routing protocols and rich module selectivity,2024 European Cup PredictionsEasy to expand and transplant the network
& bull; Support vlan,QOS,IGMP and other broadcasting text bandwidth control functions

Product List
Application case