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Railway multi -business communication backbone network solution
Railway multi -business communication backbone network solution

Traditional railway communication backbone network carries various data services through SONET/SDH or pure Ethernet,such as PIS/PA,bas,FAS,CCTV,IT,ISCS,Video conference and data communication,Carry CBTC through an 2024 European Cup qualifiers live score predictionsindependent signal network、CTCS and other signal control information。Now with the development of technology,Signal business and data business integration have become an increasingly common application mode。

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System requirements

& middot; provide a certain channel for different applications
& middot; provide a variety of interfaces for different services
& middot; Shanglian bandwidth reaches 10g
& middot;
& middot; convenient management and maintenance
& middot; stable end -to -end service and bandwidth management
& middot; network can separate security and non -security business

Selection reason

& middot; Support MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS,L2VPN,L3VPN function
& middot; Support Ethernet interface and E1 interface
& middot; support up to 8 10G uplink interfaces and 96 1G interfaces
& middot; Support IEEE802.1X,TACACS+,Radius,ACL,SSH,SSL,SNMPV3 and other security functions
& middot; support a variety of ring network protection technology based on ITU-T G.8132,recovery time is less than 50ms
& middot; supports end to end-to-end MPLS-TP PW/LSP/Section layer OAM Euro Football results 2024based on ITU-T G.8113.1
& middot; support service quality control,According to DSCP,IP,MPLS EXP,802.1p Priority mapping; PQ,WFQ,PQ+WFQ queue scheduling; promise access rate (car),Business classification and HQOS
& middot; Support time synchronization protocol,For example, ieee1588,ntp,ITU-T.G.8261/8262,accuracy reaches 10ns

Product List
Application case