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Company profile
Dongtu Technology is committed to research on industrial control technology and network technology,Independent research and development of industrial operating system、Industrial Network Chip、Industrial Tool Software and other industrial Internet underlying technology,Promoting software definition control technology and industrial network full IP in the industrial field,European Cup Football Predictions ngayonRealizing Euro Football results 2024the integration of informationization and industrialized communication networks。Contribute value for global industrial digitalization and intelligent development,It is the development mission of Dongtu Technology。

Dongtu Technology since its establishment,Six international standards have been formulated in succession、Participated in the formulation of two international standards,Leading 36 national standards,It is the leader unit of the underlying basic technology working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.,It is a single champion enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。Dongtu Technology products have been widely used in high -speed rail、Grid、petrochemical industry、Factory Automation、Clean Energy and other fields。

Software definition control technology developed by Euro Football results 2024Dongtu Technology Euro Football results 2024Innovation,At the first World Artificial Intelligence Conference and the industrial brain technology of Siemens, they won the Technology Innovation Award,and won the first prize in the China Industrial Internet Contest hosted by the first Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。

Promote the integration of industrial control technology and network technology,Realizing industry from automation to intelligent transformation,Is the corporate responsibility and ideal of Dongtu Technology。